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Review - Winterblaze (Darkest London) by Kristen Callihan

Title: Winterblaze (Darkest London)
Author: Kristen Callihan
Source: NetGalley
Genre: Urban Fantasy/thriller w/ a bit of Steampunk
Length: Novel - 448 pgs
Reviewed by Douglas C. Meeks


Once blissfully in love . . .

Poppy Lane is keeping secrets. Her powerful gift has earned her membership in the Society for the Suppression of Supernaturals, but she must keep both her ability and her alliance with the Society from her husband, Winston. Yet when Winston is brutally attacked by a werewolf, Poppy's secrets are revealed, leaving Winston's trust in her as broken as his body. Now Poppy will do anything to win back his affections . . .

Their relationship is now put to the ultimate test.

Winston Lane soon regains his physical strength but his face and heart still bear the scars of the vicious attack. Drawn into the darkest depths of London, Winston must fight an evil demon that wants to take away the last hope of reconciliation with his wife. As a former police inspector, Winston has intelligence and logic on his side. But it will take the strength of Poppy's love for him to defeat the forces that threaten to tear them apart.




Poppy Lane has been heading up a secret society since she was a young girl and the need to keep that hidden overrode all else in her life, until Winston was attacked then she was forced to reveal her true nature which made her husband Winston believe that their whole life had been a lie. This is a myriad story with a broken romance at its heart while trying to resolve several life threatening situations.

The action is heavy in this novel and the motivations of the characters are laid out for the reader to enjoy (and to add to the angst and frustration of the human condition). There is a bevy of creatures to choose from and the demons, werewolves, and vampires are just a few of them .

You will enjoy the banter between the 2 main protagonists and the eventual realization to both of them that they were both much more than they seemed and a few surprises from their past add to the stress of this addition to the Darkest London series (which is one of the better written series on the market IMHO).

There will be a few subplots that will be resolved and a couple that will most likely play out in the next installment of this series since the author always leaves you with a tidbit of what to expect from the next novel without any cliffhangers (which I am thankful since I hate cliffhangers)

This was a long awaited novel for me since I hated to see the last book end without resolution, but I can see why now, this is a very long book for paranormal romance/urban fantasy at around 450 pages, but it was worth the wait.

This is an excellent novel and even with its length it seldom wastes the readers time although it does drag in a few places to convey needed information. Bottom line is this is a 4.5/5 Star reading and to many readers it is more, I will most likely round it up to 5 Star level in many of my reviews since most don’t allow half stars .

Order this book and make sure you have read the previous 2 novels (ignore the “prequel” since it was just a publishers money grab and gives you nothing)

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  1. This is truly one of the better written series going ..

  2. This was a 5 star read for me as well and this series is quickly moving its way up my fav list.

  3. Excellent read indeed! I can't wait to see what she does with the next book since it won't be about any of the sisters.

    Paranormal Haven

  4. Steampunk and UF aren't my forte, but this cover is delish!

  5. I am not a steampunk fan at all, but this series is written so good and the stories so well constructed I never even noticed :) It really is THAT good ..


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