Sunday, March 17, 2013

ARC Review : Beyond Control by Kit Rocha

Title: Beyond Control (Beyond, #2)
Author: Kit Rocha
Source: Netgalley
Genre: Dystopia Erotic Romance (BDSM elements)
Length: Novel
Reviwed by CaroleDee

She refuses to be owned.
Alexa Parrino escaped a life of servitude and survived danger on the streets to become one of the most trusted, influential people in Sector Four, where the O’Kanes rule with a hedonistic but iron fist. Lex has been at the top for years, and there’s almost nothing she wouldn’t do for the gang…and for its leader. Lie, steal, kill—but she bows to no one, not even Dallas O’Kane.

He’ll settle for nothing less.
Dallas fought long and hard to carve a slice of order out of the chaos of the sectors. Dangers both large and small threaten his people, but it’s nothing he can’t handle. His liquor business is flourishing, and new opportunities fuel his ambition. Lex could help him expand his empire, something he wants almost as much as he wants her. And no one says no to the king of Sector Four.

Falling into bed is easy, but their sexual games are anything but casual. Attraction quickly turns to obsession, and their careful dance of heady dominance and sweet submission uncovers a need so deep, so strong, it could crush them both.

Another wild ride courtesy of the O'Kane's, but I have to admit I was confused for almost half of the book. Not confused about the politics, or sex (which we're provided with, again, in abundance.) But confused about WHY these two people couldn't suck it up and be happy together. Finally at about the 60% mark I *kinda* got what Lexi's hangup was about committing to Dallas. I think a prologue featuring Lexi as that scared, yet defiant fifteen year old that escaped Sector Two would have worked wonders to explain why she was okay devoting her life to Dallas' gang, and provided him with sexual favors at the drop of a dime, but just absolutely could NOT make a more permanent commitment.

So, even though I was frustrated a lot, I still loved the story.  The dark and gritty sectors are defined more in this second installment of the Beyond series and I found myself wanting more. For someone that reads 99% romance it seems outlandish to be more interested in the plot than the crazy multi-bodied sex scenes going on, but that's how I felt. Nuts. I know  :)

I look forward to continuing the Beyond series, and while I didn't love Beyond Control as much as I did Beyond Shame, I still think they're both must reads if you like your Dystopia on the sexy and dark side :)

*Note: There is F/F, M/M/f/f/M/M, voyeurism, and bondage.

Kit Rocha is actually two people—Bree & Donna, best friends who are living the dream. They get paid to work in their pajamas, talk on the phone, and write down all the stories they used to make up in their heads.

They also write paranormal romance as Moira Rogers. You can find them on the web at the following places:

You can read the first chapter of Beyond Control HERE


  1. Wow, sounds like there's a lot of sex going on in this book...not that I'd mind reading that of course. lol Thanks for the review.

  2. There is quite a bit going on. Around the middle of the book there are a solid 10+ pages of crazy sexin'. Fortunatley, it's not mindless, there is a reason behind it :)


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