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Bitten’s She-Wolf Pack Thursday Review for March – The Strix

The Strix (Bag of Tricks, #1)
Author: Amber Skyze and Katalina Leon
Source: Request
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novel (285 pgs)
Release Date: July 17, 2012

A cursed amber amulet unearthed in Pompeii flings Arcona into a past life of witchcraft, bloodshed, revenge, and sexual slavery to the cruel Master of a gladiatorial school. This violent parallel world is populated with “Slayers,” blood-drinking immortals devoted to the gods of war and mayhem.

As a Strix, or malignant witch, Arcona once used sex and blood rituals to create a race of immortal warriors to unleash on Rome. Now it’s time to pay.

The gladiator Tyr was one desperately lonely lover she betrayed. Against his will, she turned him into Upir Likhyi, a foul vampire. For two millennia he’s lived a grim existence as a Slayer, in constant sexual arousal yet denied release; now, he's pissed off and wants revenge. He kidnaps Arcona, planning to drink her dry and break the curse.

Along the way Arcona and Tyr relive their sexual slavery at the hands of Rome and blood sport in the arena, but the real magic is they forgive and fall in love.

Too bad another Slayer wants them dead.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: anal play/intercourse, dubious consent, female/female sexual practices



CaroleDee's Rating:
Rating - 5
Sexual - 4

Wow, I guess I didn't read the blurb well enough, I honestly thought going into the Strix that I was in for a light and fluffy erotic romance, boy was I wrong. What I got was an epic tale of slavery, witchcraft, betrayal, revenge and ultimately forgiveness. I fell in love with the characters and their plight and can't remember a time when I was rooting more for a happily ever after.

*Be aware that there is plenty of brutality shown in flashbacks, but those scenes are necessary for an understanding of why a once peaceful seeress would turn to such extremes for revenge.

Jasmyn's Rating:
Rating - 4
Sexual - 3

The Strix was something new and different - a creature that I hadn't read about before.  An evil witch that creates a race of vampire-like creatures, Arcona was not a very nice person in her past life.  Tyr was one of her Upir Likhyi (no clue how that one is pronounced) and is dead set on vengeance.  Too bad he falls in love first.  Now the two of them must fight for their lives against the other Upir Likhyi that want Arcona dead and see Tyr as just another step in the process.

I loved the flashbacks to Arcona's previous life.  It was a great way to show her history and background and let me see why Tyr disliked her so much at first.  Once they decide not to hate each other, the story really takes off - and it gets quite hot and Arcona and Tyr discover more their past and begin to enjoy their future.
Emi's Rating:
Rating - 5
Sexual - 4

I absolutely looooooved this story! I am hopelessly infatuated with the mysticism that surrounds past lives, witches, and Salem. While Arcona is on vacation in Salem, her friends take her to a magic shop, and everything changes. Tyr has been waiting a long time for Arcona to come back, now that she has, can he do what he's been waiting for? The Strix is a great story, where the past and present come full circle to redeem the wrongs of the past. Loved it! :)

About the Authors

Amber Skyze grew up reading sick and twisted murder mysteries. Romance was for little kids and their fairy tales. One day, after her grandmother died and she inherited a boat load of romances, Amber found a new genre to love. Then she discovered erotic romance and found her calling.

In the summer, when not creating sexy, seductive stories, Amber can be found at the ocean or floating around in her pool, with music blasting in the background. In the winter she enjoys sitting in her sunroom watching the snow fall, with the fireplace glowing. She also spends lots of time with her husband, children, and three dogs.

Katalina Leon loves to write and paint. For many years she was primarily a painter. She started writing several years ago when she felt the need to fill a larger canvas and tell bigger stories without actually taking up more space! 


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