Monday, March 4, 2013

Review: Broken Promise(The Promise Me series, Book 2) By: Tara Fox Hall

Title: Broken Promise (The Promise Me Series, Book 2)
Author: Tara Fox Hall
Source: Review Request
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: 221 pages 
Reviewed by: Emi 

Shocked at Danial's betrayal, Sarelle returns to her old home to consider her options. Yet even as Sar plans a reconciliation with Danial, Terian arrives, confessing his desire. When Theo witnesses Terian and Sar kiss, he angrily confronts Sar, leading to startling consequences. Will Sar's heart choose Danial, Terian,…or Theo?

Broken Promise was a page turner, it was one of those books I didn't put down until I was finished. I had to find out what was going on. What a love quadrangle, lol. Once the dust settled for the happy couple, I did not expect one of the twists in events. While trying to move on from the drama, the past comes back to bite the in the a**. I'm definitely not mentioning any of the book for this review, you're going to have to read it to see who she picks, lol.
A must read! 

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