Sunday, March 17, 2013

Review: Dead Double by: Tracy Cooper-Posey

Title: Dead Double
Author: Tracey Cooper-Posey
Source: Review request
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: 178 pages
Reviewed by; Emi 

The woman he must now protect looks exactly like the one he once hated.

An Iranian physics genius in hiding wants to give the west his world-changing theories, but will only give them to Micky Wilde, whose beauty once charmed him. The only problem? Micky is dead. Logan Wilde involved his wife in his grim business and it got her killed. For Logan the guilt runs deep. 

Sahara Taylor-Hughes is a San Francisco beachbum with a life and personality a million miles different from Micky’s caustic ways, but she is Micky’s double in appearance. Duped into playing Micky to get the plans, Sahara destroys what little peace Logan has left.

Zaram, a potent renegade terrorist, learns of the plans. He will hold the western world to ransom if he gets them first. Logan must help Sahara beat Zaram, collect the plans and make sure she stays alive, or else lose his mind…and his heart.

Dead Double was a thrilling read!! 
 I love when an author can keep you turning the pages furiously and trying to read ahead lol. 
Sahara and Logan's lives are turned upside down when they accidentally bump into each other on the street. Being mistaken as someone else brings her into a world that she knows nothing about, and closer to the man she can't keep her thoughts away from.
 If you love suspenseful, fast paced thrillers with a little romantic twist, than this is the perfect book.   
I loved it and i highly recommend it!! 

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