Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Review: Spell of Summoning by Anna Abner

Title: Spell of Summoning
Series: Dark Caster #1
Author: Anna Abner
Source: Author Request
Genre: Contemporary Paranormal Romance
Length: Novel
Reviewer: Jasmyn

Holden Clark walks into Rebecca Powell's live, a tall blue-eyed stranger who stirs long forgotten desires.  But nothing, including this man, is what it seems.  A dark necromancer is targeting Becca for a full-blown demonic possessions.  She is thrust into a world she never knew existed - a world where dark casters create chaos and necromancers talk to the dead.

Holden has no faith in his power.  A necromancer, he communicates with the dead, but he has never embraced his gifts.  Now, he has no choice but to stop the dark caster attacking Rebecca, but accepting this mission means he'll be delving into dangerous magics he's never used before.

Under the protection of the damaged and mysterious Holden, Rebecca will question everything...

I loved Abner's take on necromancer's.  It was refreshing to see them portrayed as real people that have a choice to use their powers for good or evil, instead of just automatically being nasty people because of their powers.  Holden is a genuinely good guy with lots of baggage.  Baggage that he is forced to confront head on if he wants to save Becca from demonic possession.  She's got a particularly nasty demon that is being summoned to take control of her.  Becca and Holden need to find a way to stop it and kill the necromancer controlling it before it's too late.

Even though I had guessed the bad guy's identity part way through, the story was written in a way that I kept second guessing myself all along the way.  With lots of action and a deep love between our two characters, it was a fantastic story that kept me very entertained until the very end.  

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