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ARC Review: Wicked as She Wants by Delilah S. Dawson

Title: Wicked as She Wants (Blud, #2)
Author: Delilah S. Dawson
Source: Edelweiss
Genre: Paranormal romance (steam-punk)
Length: Novel (384 pgs)
Release Date: April 30, 2013
Reviewed by: CaroleDee

When Blud princess Ahnastasia wakes up, drained and starving in a suitcase, she’s not sure which calls to her more: the sound of music or the scent of blood. The source of both sensations is a handsome and mysterious man named Casper Sterling. Once the most celebrated musician in London, Sangland, he’s fallen on hard times. Now, much to Ahna’s frustration, the debauched and reckless human is her only ticket back home to the snow-rimmed and magical land of Freesia.

Together with Casper’s prickly charge, a scrappy orphan named Keen, they seek passage to Ahna’s homeland, where a power-hungry sorceress named Ravenna holds the royal family in thrall. Traveling from the back alleys of London to the sparkling minarets of Muscovy, Ahna discovers that Freesia holds new perils and dangerous foes. Back in her country, she is forced to choose between the heart she never knew she had and the land that she was born to rule. But with Casper’s help, Ahna may find a way to have it all…

The second book in the darkly tempting Blud series, featuring a vampire princess who embarks upon a dangerous journey to claim what is rightfully hers.


What a great story filled with adventure and emotional ups and downs! I don't think there's anyone that Wicked as She Wants won't appeal to :)

I will admit that I wanted to throttle Ahnastasia for the first third of the book. She was demanding, entitled, and just plain hateful. But honestly, she was a product of her upbringing. I suppose spending the first 20 years of your life in a society that sees humans as nothing but pets and food can really skew a persons moral compass ;) Once she broke free of her childhood conditioning and started feeling for Casper and Keen I realized her character was a lot more complex than I originally thought.

Casper has taken a turn for the worse since the first book in the series. Some things have changed, and he's bottoming out. Lost in a world of alcohol abuse Ahnastasia's mission and attitude are just the thing to pull him out.

Things are tense, angsty, sometimes scary, and the action doesn't end. I stayed tuned in the whole time. And let me just say I LOVED the end!

The Blud series is a great intro to the Steam-punk universe for newbies ready to take the plunge. You don't get slammed with too much crazy technology, but the steam-punk vibe is alive and well enough to let you enjoy an alternate Earth.

The whole concept of this parallel world where Bludmen (and blud animals roam), and humans are little more than food is amazingly creative and original. I think lovers of PNR and Urban Fantasy will have a great time digging into the Blud series :)

*Oh, and how yummy are these covers?


photo by Dolorianne Morris
Delilah S. Dawson is a native of Roswell, Georgia and the author of the paranormal romance Blud series for Pocket, including WICKED AS THEY COME and an e-novella, THE MYSTERIOUS MADAM MORPHO. The second book in the series, WICKED AS SHE WANTS, and a second novella, THE PECULIAR PETS OF MISS PLEASANCE, will be out in spring 2013
Delilah is a member of the Romance Writers of America, the Georgia Romance Writers, and the Artifice Club. You can also read her product reviews at and, where she is an Associate Editor. 
She's a geek of all trades, a synesthete, and the sort of person who saw Spawn in the theater and made other people angry by laughing. Find her online at Bring cupcakes.
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  1. I love those covers. Thanks for letting us know about the books, I haven't read them yet, but they are going in my wish list now.

  2. I love it when a character makes you want to shake them! A well written character they make! Nice review, can't wait to read it!


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