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Bitten’s She-Wolf Pack Thursday Review for April – Claimed by Dragons

Claimed by Dragons (Bag of Tricks, #2)
Author: Amber Skyze and Katalina Leon
Source: Request
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novel (265 pgs)
Release Date: September 25, 2012

In an odd Wiccan shop in Salem, Jael pulls an unusual stone from a witch’s wish bag. Little does she know her wildest dreams of adventure and a torrid affair with two gorgeous co-workers are about to come true--in spades.

Jael’s dreamy boss, Roarke offers her the assignment of a lifetime: a photo safari to Mount Kilimanjaro. The African scenery is stunning but the unexpected arrival of her two office crushes, Roarke and Kypton ignites her passion. Just as the trio is getting steamy at a beautiful waterfall, danger intervenes forcing the men to reveal their secret. They're dragons. And now, to save her life, they have no choice but to abduct a startled Jael to their mountain lair on Kilimanjaro.

In the dragons' love nest, Jael learns the truth about their origins and explores all the erotic possibilities two eager lovers can offer. Love awakens, but the guys are being stalked by a covert group of dragon hunters and withholding a life or death secret that will push Jael’s courageous heart and commitment to the limits.

*Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: anal play/intercourse, male/male sexual practices, menage (m/m/f).


CaroleDee's Rating:
Rating -4
Sexual -4

Wow, I think shifter lovers will go wild for this one. I can't say I've read a whole lot of dragon shifter stories myself, but if they're half as hot (no pun intended ;) as Roarke and Kypton then I might have to push the wolves to side and enjoy me some more dragons. 

Yep, it's a m/m/f story, and if you haven't broadened your erotic romance horizons yet, you really should. There's something more in-depth about a menage relationship where all of the characters interact rather than just the men fawning over the female. Love, and dedication are where it's at, and Roarke, Kypton, and Jael's story is sweet and heartbreaking at the same time . When an author (in this case two) can manage to turn an erotic romance into something deeper than sex I know I've found a winner!

Check it out, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

*Claimed by Dragons is part of a series, but I don't feel you need to read them in order to understand the plot.

Jasmyn's Rating:
Rating -4
Sexual -4
Claimed by Dragons is the second in the Bag of Tricks series. Arcona's friend Jaed is our leading lady and she is about to have almost more than she can handle. She can been selected as a mate by two of her co-workers. Now as weird as that may sound at first - it doesn't seem so strange once you find out they're actually dragons. Dragons mate as trios and she is the finishing piece to their puzzle.

I loved the interplay between Roarke and Krypton - the had the casual banter of people that had been in love since they first set eyes on each other. All they needed was their female to complete their little family. But Jaed has a hard time accepting the fact that she's been chosen, and to top it all off, she is now being hunted by people that would like to see all the dragons dead. The ending and their solution to their problem was absolutely brilliant and very surprising. A great read.

Emi's Rating:
Rating -4
Sexual -4

I am totally loving this series! Claimed by dragons was a great read. I love the idea of the wishing stones and the characters fulfilling their destiny once they return the stone to nature. Jael was very lucky, she was able to double her destiny and pleasure, lol.  Roarke and Kympton balance each other out and adding Jael to the pair definitely spiced things up. The Strix is a great series, I can't wait to see who's story is next!


About the Authors

Amber Skyze grew up reading sick and twisted murder mysteries. Romance was for little kids and their fairy tales. One day, after her grandmother died and she inherited a boat load of romances, Amber found a new genre to love. Then she discovered erotic romance and found her calling.

In the summer, when not creating sexy, seductive stories, Amber can be found at the ocean or floating around in her pool, with music blasting in the background. In the winter she enjoys sitting in her sunroom watching the snow fall, with the fireplace glowing. She also spends lots of time with her husband, children, and three dogs.

Katalina Leon loves to write and paint. For many years she was primarily a painter. She started writing several years ago when she felt the need to fill a larger canvas and tell bigger stories without actually taking up more space! 


  1. I couldn't put this book down - loved it!!!

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  3. Wonderful book by two wonderful authors! The review is well deserved! The books in this series are awesome!!!

  4. Great that you have such a wonderful review! Congrats! All the best!


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