Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Indie Convention Author Spotlight: Claudy Conn

Indie Romance Convention Attending Author Spotlight with Claudy Conn

~Tell us a bit about yourself:

Love to dance and do it all the time, while I’m walking, cooking, playing with my dogs, love rock n roll and hot country music.
As far as who am I as an author, well, I have been an author for over 25 years, and have published over 40 mass market bestsellers for Random House/Ballantine, Zebra and Doubleday.

After we moved to NC from NY, I took some time off, a whole lot of time off, while we played with our horses and got
Involved with other ventures.

Because a writer, at least this writer, will write no matter what other things I was doing, I wrote for myself and shelved it.
Got interested in paranormal and my Legend series was born. This time, a new world existed—the world of ebooks, and I decided to go Indie.

~Who or what is your writing muse? 
And what is your favorite environment to write in or conditions?

Rock n Roll is my muse. Sends me off into another world where ideas bombard me. I like to
write in my office without any distractions as I enter the world I create and interact with my people.

~Who or what genre do you enjoy reading?

 I love paranormal romance, especially, Karen Marie Moning. Also love Patterson and his Alex Cross. Love Koontz and S.King and Nora Roberts. I’m all over the board. Oh, and yes, I loved the Twilight series, and Harry Potter.

~What are you working on right now? 

The continuation of my Through Time Series and it is called Through Time-Slamming.

Fun Questions:

Dog or Cat?    well, that is hard. If I have to choose, it is a dog, but I love cats and always had a cat until we lost our old Patchy and he was over twenty years old when he called it quits.

Leather or Denim?  again, depends on the time and the place, cuz I so love leather and lace!

Heels or Flip Flops?  neither, ha, sandals.

Wine or Beer?  Wine for me, and pina colada, and chocolate martini!

Mountain Top or Ocean Side?  Mountain top with Ocean a close second.

Boxer, breifs, or commando for your hero?   my hero, hmmm most of them like to go naked, but when they wear underwear, it is black boxers.

Here is a peak at one of  Claudy Conn's novels

Milesian immortal Chancemont LeBlanc is determined to avenge his sister’s death at the hands of Dark Prince Pestale, who remains free after the war between the Seelie Fae and the Dark Fae. Nothing will stop Chance from fulfilling his mission of vengeance, not even the time barrier.
The queen of the Seelie Fae has other ideas, however, and she sends Princess Royce to make sure Pestale is captured, not killed. Royce would rather spend time with the human family she has grown to love, but she has broken the rules one time too many, and Queen Aaibhe wants her to grow up and act like the Seelie royal she is!
Royce doesn’t want to be part of Chance’s team. He most definitely doesn’t want her on his team, and from the start—fireworks.
Chance has Pestale on the run, but after seeing the beautiful princess with the flaming red hair, Pestale has decided Royce must be his.
A hunter becomes the hunted …
Purposes collide … 


  1. Claudy, Rock n Roll.. I would have never pictured that one. LOL. What is your favorite song or group?

  2. Great interview! :) And yay for commando!


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