Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Review: Despite the Ghosts by Dylan Newton

Title: Despite the Ghosts
Author: Dylan Newton
Length:  Paperback 296
Published:  June 10, 2010
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Source: Author request
Reviewer: Cerridwen

For spirit medium and parapsychology professor Nola Richards, love is as dead as the ghosts she communicates with. Then one spirit's cryptic message on her shower door forces her out of the paranormal and into the arms of his hot bachelor brother-business tycoon and complete skeptic Parker Sebastian. As if dealing with funeral arrangements, an ugly internal audit and his greedy step-family weren't enough, Parker's newest problem arrives in a gorgeous, if eccentric, package. After hearing Nola's "message from beyond," Parker knows two things: he wants her...and she's a con artist somehow responsible for his brother's death. To help this restless ghost, Nola must overcome Parker's disbelief. Although sexual energy crackles between them, she knows corporation and meditation don't mix. It'll take more than spirit interference and otherworldly signs to make their romance work, Despite the Ghosts.

How much more prefect can you get? Paranormal, a mystery, romance. When I read the synopsis  I knew this book was for me to read.
Nola is a quirky medium. When she has ghostly encounters they don't always go her way. Despite the rules she sets for them some ghosts get past them and make there presence known in ways that drive her nuts.
In the beginning I about fell on the floor laughing so hard.
The book gets really good in the mystery of what the ghost is trying to tell her and some great twists in the plot.
The romance is really gut wrenching. Teases until your about ready to scream, then you laugh again. But don't worry, is gets spicy as well. ~ENJOY

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