Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Review: A Surefire Way by J.T. Bock

Title: A Surefire Way
Author: J. T. Bock
Source: Author Request
Genre: Science Fiction / Romance
Length: Novel
Release Date: April 1, 2013
Reviewed by: Jasmyn

UltraAgent Surefire's plan is simple: Capture the transhuman thief Raven.  Win back the respect of her father.  Get a raise.

Easy, right?

Except Surefire just broke the number one rule of her employer, UltraSecurity, a niche security firm that solves crimes committed by genetically enhanced humans like Raven.  She trailed Raven into a warehouse without any backup.  And something more powerful than any transhuman is waiting inside.

Raven's plan is simple: Atone for his past crimes.  Return stolen spiritual artifacts to restore the world's balance.  Don't get caught by UltraSecurity.

Easy, right?

Until a spunky UltraSecurity agent is suddenly on his tail, although Raven wishes she was on ... well, never mind ... he can't get distracted from his mission.  Because she's followed him into a warehouse filled with his reclaimed relics, and Raven's ex-partner is crime is about to unleash a supernatural-sized complication into his plan.

His old partner has accidentally summoned an Aztec god who will destroy the world unless Raven stops this spirit with a superiority complex.  To do this, Raven must team up with Surefire and reveal the truth about his powers, exposing her to a force that can either save the world or destroy them both.

Following Raven into that warehouse throws Surefire into a surreal world filled with moody gods, day-glo skulls, dizzying dimensional portals, maniacal half-roach magicians, and a sexy thief who is more than he appears under his snug t-shirt.  Is Raven a criminal, or is he working for a higher power?  Surefire needs to be certain, because if she joins him on this mission, she's have to surrender everything she believed in for a surefire way to save the world, discover her destiny and find true love.

SureFire is an UltraAgent on a mission to prove herself.  If she can manage to bring down the elusive thief, Raven, she would earn a name for herself as one of the top agents in UltraSecurity.  But, or course, nothing ever works out the way our characters plan.  Raven is more than just transhuman - he's something else entirely.  And he has a mission of his own.  

It's too bad that an old friend of Raven's has a different idea - and of course SureFire gets roped right in (it wouldn't be a very good story if she didn't).  SureFire and Raven quickly discover that there is more to each other than either or them first thought.  With a couple of Aztec gods and a little time traveling thrown in, they grow close very quickly.  But with the rest of UltraSecurity hot on their tail, they may not have time to see if their new feelings are going to go anywhere.

This was a fantastic take on the whole "mutant" human storyline.  I love the twist that the Aztec mythology added to everything.  With a new surprise around every chapter - the book remained interesting up until the very end.

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  1. Thank you very much for the taking the chance on a new author and taking the time to review my story. I am thrilled you enjoyed it!


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