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Review/Giveaway: By the Light of the Moon by Laila Blake

Title: By the Light of the Moon (Lakeside, #1)
Author: Laila Blake
Source: Author
Genre: Paranormal Romance (Fae, Wolf-shifter)
Length: Novel
Reviewed by : CaroleDee

Withdrawn and with a reputation for her strange, eccentric ways, young Lady Moira Rochmond is old to be unwed. Rumors say, she has been seen barefoot in the orchard, is awake all night in moon-struck rambles and sleeps all day. Some will even claim her ghostly pallor and aloof manner are signs of illness, of a curse or insanity.

The hopes of the peaceful succession to her father’s fief lie in an advantageous marriage. Moira, however, has a hard time attracting suitors. When one does show interest, her family pushes for a decision.

Almost resigned to the fact that she has no choice but to play the part she has been given in life, Moira is faced with Owain. A member of the mysterious Blaidyn creatures and a new guard in her father’s castle, specifically tasked to keep her safe. He is different from other people she knows and when one night under the full moon, she makes the acquaintance of the wolf who shares Owain’s soul, she starts to trust him and seek his presence. As he becomes one of the few individuals who doesn’t make her want to hide and retreat, she wants to learn more about him and they grow closer until they share a kiss one night under the moon. 

Faced with feelings and desires that overthrow everything she thought she knew about herself, Moira knows non-the-less that they have to be kept utterly secret. However much they try, however, they continue to be drawn to each other until one night, Owain discovers something about Moira that shakes him to core.

By the Light of the Moon was a great read, especially from a budding author. (Have I mentioned lately how much I love living in the digital age? We get access to so many more great story tellers than in recent years!)

There was just enough mystery and intrigue to keep me reading, but not enough to frustrate. The characters are well written and extremely likable. Even, the deceptive Fae and egocentric potential fiance' were well established.

Shifter Owain and mysterious Moira's developing relationship was fun to read. It's a slow-building romance, but those are usually the best kind. While there is a sort-of instant attraction, things move at a believable pace. When things finally started to come to fruition there was definitely a punch you in the gut moment. You know, the part where the hero does something so stupid your heart hurts? I love when that happens ;)

My one complaint would be that at times Moira seems like the 18th century Queen of Emo. (Moody, distant, disagreeable to the 'norm')  Fortunately, by the 3/4 mark all is revealed as to why she's so quirky and I promise it has nothing to do with horrible music :)

Mark this one to read. I have no doubt that Laila Blake is going places in the literary world and By the Light of the Moon is just the beginning.

About the Author

Laila was born into a family of artists, hippies and individualists in Cologne/Germany, where her creativity was fostered from an early age. Her family focused mainly on visual art (painters, sculptors, her mother was a brilliant puppet player!), she soon started to discover her love for the written word and has been writing and reading ever since.

Getting side-tracked by school and getting a serious, and reputable degree (an MA in Applied Linguistics/Specialized Translating), she only truly and honestly allowed herself to give writing a real shot in her mid-twenties. She has been writing every free minute since!

You can find out more and follow Laila at :


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  1. Awww! Sorry, I had a big heart-flutter moment at that wonderful review. Thank you so much!

  2. Great review! I enjoyed this one also but you forgot one thing: Owain is HOT! :p

  3. lol @ 18th century Queen of Emo. That's a funny description. I love shifter type romances so this is right up my alley.

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