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Bitten’s She-Wolf Pack Thursday Review for May- Legend and Untamed

Legend (Wolf Lake, #1) and
Untamed (Wolf Lake, #2)
Author: Jennifer Kohout
Source: Request
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: long novellas

Orphaned as a child, Samantha grew up into a strong but lonely woman working on her doctorate thesis by researching the history of myths and legends. But when she uncovers an actual werewolf pack, the world of myth becomes her new reality.

Scarred for life after surviving a bitter betrayal, Roland discovers a kindred spirit when he finds Natasha beaten and left for dead. But will their relationship be strong enough to survive when the pack comes under attack?

*Please note, this book contains explicit descriptions of sex, including same gender encounters and threesomes.


Jasmyn's Ratings:

Rating - 4
Sexual - 2

Samantha is a doctorate student working on quite an interesting thesis paper about myths and legends and where they came from.  She has become fascinated by the story surrounding Wolf Lake - and decides to go for a visit.  What she doesn't count on is finding out that all the myths and legends are true when she runs into a pack of werewolves.  Their leader Nefarious seems extremely intrigued by Sam, but his beta, Roland, thinks she needs to be disposed of.
This is very much a "back to basics" werewolf story.  They live in the wild away from civilization for a reason, and they enjoy doing it as well.  The tensions between Nefarious as alpha and Roland as a very strong beta were perfectly written.  Sam was full of spunk and fight - willing to do whatever it took to have everything turn out her way.  It was a great introduction to a new werewolf series, and I was very excited to dive right into book two.

Rating - 3
Sexual - 4
Book two centers around Roland, the pack's beta, and his haunted past.  While I loved finding out more about the mysterious and dark beta, I had sort of had my heart set on him with a different wolf from about half way through book 1.  This has tainted my feelings a little.  Now, in werewolf terms Natasha is a much better match for Roland than the one I had picked out, and she was a great character as well.  Even the wolf I originally wanted to be with Roland found a bit of a happy ending of her own.  Being introduced to Natasha's pack and her crazy father added some extra excitement to this story as well.

CaroleDee's Ratings:
Rating - 4
Sexual -3

Great read if you're a werewolf purist. I'm talking about liking 'em rough and tumble and living in the sticks. None of that fancy weres living in a penthouse in the city. lol. They're also VERY pack oriented. I wouldn't be surprised if the author did a bit of research on wolf pack structure.  Samantha and Nefarious' relationship gets heavy pretty quickly, but it didn't seemed forced. 
Great shifter read if you love a human falling for a were storyline.

Rating - 3
Sexual - 4
For some reason I just couldn't get into Untamed as much as I did Legend. I enjoyed Roland and Natasha's storyline. Who doesn't enjoy a happy ending for two damaged souls? I think my problem was that Sam and Nefarious' relationship hit a weird bump for me. They still had the physical heat from the first book, but emotionally they didn't seem to grow anymore. When Samantha takes the plunge and decides to be with Maddie for the first time, she doesn't even consult her mate over the prospect of bringing a third party into the relationship. Maybe wolf mates are different than human relationships, but it bothered me. Other than that, the novella was good fun :)

Emi's rating:
Review for Legend & Untamed
Overall rating - 4
Sexual Rating - 4
Legend is a great start to the saga. I really enjoyed it. I also really liked that they were real werewolves, not the pretty picture of shifters that has been painted recently. I think Paranormal is trending toward the sparkly personality types of vampires and werewolves rather than being true to the Paranormal Genre. I like my supes rough around the edges and fierce, and I think this series does a great job of that. While Sam is trying to prove that certain legends aren't what they seem, she actually finds herself in the territory of what she is trying to discredit in her thesis. Nafarius finds himself not being able to deal with the interloper as he's supposed to, while trying to figure out what to do, he becomes unable to deny the attraction. And let me tell you, that when they finally do get together, it's a wonderful thing, lol. Then in Untamed we see more of the brooding Roland, tho he is a meany, I still loved his character. You just know that there is so much going on with him and that's why he is the way he is, but that all changes when Natasha comes along. I really can't say too much without spoiling it, so you'll just have to start reading the saga to see how great they are! Tho I will say, that I think there is more to Sam, and that hopefully we get to learn more about her in the next installment. I really enjoyed the saga and definitely recommend it.

About the author

Jennifer Kohout lives in Washington State with her husband and four children. A lawyer in another life, Jennifer stopped practicing law to do what she loves - write.

In her spare time she enjoys running and is currently training for her first half marathon.

Be on the lookout for the final installment of the Wolf Lake Trilogy releasing in late Spring!

Pack leader Nafarius faces his biggest challenge yet.
Forced to forge an uneasy alliance with the Agency, Nafarius must hunt down and eliminate a powerful new enemy.
But can he achieve his goal in time when factions arise within the Agency that threaten to destroy him?


  1. I will have to put this on my TBR!!! I really love a strong shifter romance.

  2. I read... Alot. And I love to find new talents and Jennifer Kohout has quickly become a favorite, not only for her talent with writing but her personality as well. I liked her on facebook and she was warm and answered any questions right away and really came across as a quality person. I love the humor she puts into her books, I laughed out loud several times at work... (lunch time of course *grin*) I recommend her and her books :)

    1. Don't you just love that we're able to interact with authors these days? Yeah, 10-15 years ago you could write a letter and send it through snail mail hoping it would be seen. But today we can shoot off an e-mail, ask a question on facebook, or just take a peek at our favorite authors' lives on twitter. I think it's wonderful ;)
      (I kinda sounded stalker-esq there. LOL. But I think you get the point)


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