Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Indie Romance Convention Spotlight with Author Annabel Joseph

Tell us a little about yourself and what inspired you to become a writer.
I'd probably describe myself as part rebel-soccer-mom and part degenerate-sex-pervert.  It's weird for me because I live in a conservative part of the country.  It creates some awkward moments at the bus stop, but that's okay.  As for my inspiration to become a writer, it started because I couldn't find the kind of erotica that I wanted to read.  I wanted the hot sex, and sometimes even questionable sex, but I wanted emotion and romance wrapped up with it, too.  I wanted quality stories that were really, really smutty.  That's what I like to read and write.

What type of romance do you write and why?
I write BDSM romance.  Mostly contemporary, but occasionally I dabble into historical stuff.  I write longer novels rather than shorts because I love to develop complex stories, and my BDSM skews to the realistic side.  I also always write male doms and female subs.  I guess because I'm a female sub and that's what's most erotic to me and most natural to write.
What are you working on right now?
I'm working on a BDSM series set in the world of a London ballet company.  The first book is called Waking Kiss, and it's a super emotional, super intense story about two very damaged people healing on other from traumatic experiences in their past.  I writing Waking Kiss, I created a secondary character, a hotheaded male dancer, and loved him so much I decided to make him the subject of the second book, Fever Dream.  I hope to have both books out by fall of 2013.

Who would you pick if you could have "Breakfast With the Author"?
That's a tough one, because I love so many authors, but I'd have to say Laura Kinsale.  I'm a huge historical romance reader and to me her books exist on a tier of their won.  Her characters are more complex, her storylines more surprising and emotional than any other author I've read.  That's not an easy feat in the romance genre where there are so many expectation and rules.  I really admire her and I'd love to have breakfast with her and pick her brain.

Just for fun - which do you prefer:
Cats or dogs?
We have little cat-sized dogs  lol.  Because I like the size of cats, but I don't like litter boxes.
Wake up early or stay up late?
I am a super night-owl.  Mornings aren't for me.  No.
Blonds or brunettes?
Hot weather or cold?
Oh man, you ask the tough questions.  I guess I'll go with cold.  If you're cold you can always snuggle and warm up, but when you're hot, there's really no way to get away from it.  Plus I hate to sweat.

If you want to see more about Annabel or follow what she's up to (I know I'll be watching for Waking Kiss), then check her out on the web any of the following ways:

Annabel's twitter:  https://twitter.com/annabeljoseph

Annabel's latest release:

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