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Review: Duality (Cordelia Kelly #1) By: E.R. Pierce

Title: Duality (Cordelia Kelly #1)
Author: E.R. Pierce
Source: Review Request
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: 220 pgs
Reviewed by: Emi 

Cordelia Kelly is running from her past and her destiny. She is a dual-natured empath – meaning she is receptive to the emotional aura, positive and negative, of those around her. Cordelia struggles to create harmony between the light and dark sides of her existence. She's also an elemental, but her inherent powers are slowly manifesting with age and time. The scales of good versus evil are tilting in the wrong the direction. 

Will she succumb or evolve to fulfill her destiny?

Sol Winterborn is not your typical hero, if anything he’s an anti-hero. Moral indecision riddle his path to redemption, but the undeniable truth he holds onto is his search for his lighthouse – his soul mate. When fate throws Cordelia in his path, he's unprepared but can't stay away. Her siren call sings a song he can't ignore. He sees in her a kindred spirit, and possibly the one he’s searched long nights to find. Will Cordelia be the key to unlock his heart? 

When his own dark past catches up with him, will he risk his life for love?

Duality was a really good read! Cordelia/Delia is my kind of girl, says it like it is and she has a potty mouth, lol. She fights keep her past locked away and is hiding from her destiny, so she has turned herself into a bit of a recluse. Everything changes when she runs into Sol while she’s out looking for a good time. Sol was tired of the way his life was going, so he left the darkness behind him and set out to search for the light, and when he saw her, he knew she was it.
I think many people can connect with Cordelia. Everyone has some past hurt they want to forget, some more than others, but we all know what it’s like to try overcome things that you never thought you could or would. We run into people in our lives whether they are friends or lovers of some sort, that help us with letting go and moving on, Cordelia found that in Sol. They both connected and helped each other in ways neither one of them thought they deserved. But everyone deserves it.  I really enjoyed Duality, and am looking for to the next installment in the series.   


  1. Hello Bitten (Emi) :P

    Thanks for reviewing Duality! The paperback copy is 222 pages (and hot off the press), and the ebook copy is 160 pages. (Just to clarify) The PDF shows 99, odd. Anyway - I'm so glad you liked Cordelia and Sol. They were interesting and compelling to write. I love Cordelia.

    1. Hey thanks! I'll definitely have to buy the real deal so I can put it on my shelf. Lol. It was a great read so, my pleasure. :)

  2. Nice blog and nice review of Duality, I read this and enjoyed very much. Cordy/Delia both struggle with the light and dark side within and the stronger one did prevail. I too look forward to book 2 because I don't think the battle is over yet, Carol will have to be dealt with!

  3. I agree with Ms. Masterson, this is a nice blog. I'll have to make a point of stopping by to visit more often. Great review of Duality, Cordelia's plight is indeed something everyone can relate to.

    I've read Duality and I also enjoyed it immensely. I know Cordelia is the heroine of the story, but I could relate to Sol. He has his own inner-darkness he's fighting to overcome and Cordelia becomes his lifeline. In her he sees the kind of person he wants to become, but he's struggling to accept that he deserves to be happy. I hope there is more of Sol's back story in Book 2.


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