Monday, June 24, 2013

A personal blog post about something that devastated me when I was a child

I am blogging today about something that is totally from my heart, this has nothing to do with reading or books. As most of you know I love animals and I have a several cat's and one dog so when I noticed this on my friends Facebook it brought back a bad childhood memory's that I felt the need to share.

Please be warned this post might not be for the faint of heart but I feel the need to warn parents and new parents and to speak out at what has recently happened.

I was only 9 years old and we were visiting my Aunt and Uncle. There were some kittens outside that I was playing with. All of the sudden my Uncle came out of the house with a baseball bat and took one of the kittens away from me and threw it up and hit it with the bat. He proceeded to do all of them that way. Needless to say I was frozen at the sight before my eyes, it was just a totally devastating. Even today I have a very soft spot in my heart for kittens and cats because of this very, very sick man. I hated that man from that point on and I never saw him as my Uncle any longer. I never let him hug me or come close to me, I was very much afraid he would do to me what he  did to those kittens. Even when we went back to visit I would go over to the neighbors I couldn’t stand the look of that man and I was never so glad when he passed away that next month.

 I’ve had to live what he did my whole life. One would say they were just kittens but you try to tell that to a little kid who knew no better at the time. I never remember my mom or dad speaking about what happened and the sad fact was, they every muchj could have but I was too deep into thought as to what happened right in front of my eyes and I never heard them. It wasn't until a few years ago before my dad passed away that I even bought the subject up to him, as a matter of fact, my husband or my daughter has no clue that this ever happened to me. I hate even speaking about it now because of the pain it cause me so long ago, but I feel the need to warn parents and new parents please don’t let anyone kill an animal before a kids eyes. You see as we grow older we remember the bad before you do the good, so still today this scene is vivid in my head. I would even suggest if an animal had rabies to have a cop or someone kill them away from a child because you will never know what pain that kid will carry with them all of their lives.

As for the shooting I really hate to know what those kids will go through their whole lives after seeing a cop shoot a litter of kittens’ right in front of their eyes. I would think cops would have compassion but I as I have always know most don’t.  The cop just better be glad I wasn’t the woman because I would have given him a reason to shoot me, but then again I would have never called the cops because I know the right way to get rid of kittens, it’s called re-homing. I have no clue why that mom didn’t stand up for not only her kids but for the kittens too, heck she was feeling the cats and then she calls a cop to come over and take care of them, I have no use for her either and I hope like heck she doesn’t have any animals , I would hate to see what they have to deal with each day. Sad, but with stupid people like this in the world I am really disliking the living more and more every day. 

I know most petitions doesn't do too much good but I felt the need to sign this one in hopes it will help get that cop fired or some kind of reprimand.


  1. I signed the petition as well because what he did was so wrong. I am so sorry that you had to go through that as a child.

  2. I couldn't finish reading this, I'm too easily upset. I can deal with horror stories about grown people all day long, but horror stories about kids or pets? I. can't. deal.

    I have my own horror story about a beautiful dog we loved, a fence that got knocked down while I was at work, a nervous mailman who stabbed him, and a cop who waited for me to get home to tell me my dog viciously attacked the mailman. He said the mailman was being treated for his injuries in the Emergency Room and my dog was passed out under my house from being tranquilized. He and the Animal Control guy were too fat to climb under there and get him, so I had to climb under there and drag my unconscious and bleeding dog out. The cop told me that unless I signed over my dog I was going to jail for allowing my dog to attack to mailman. Hysterical, and totally ignorant of the law, I signed over my dog.

    Then my neighbor walked over after they left and told me the cop lied, my dog didn't attack anyone, the mailman panicked when he saw him sitting on my front porch, pulled out his knife and stabbed him. My dog ran under the house to hide, and the mailman called the cops, before going about his business delivering our mail.

    We went to Animal Control to protest, and beg for our dog back, but they refused. We had two choices: get an order from a judge, wait three weeks for a hearing, during which the dog would have to stay at Animal Control (where they surely would have done their damnedest to turn him into the monster they wanted him to be) OR take him directly to our vet and have him put down.

    We took him to the vet. My husband didn't even cry that hard when his father died. It was terrible. It's been almost ten years, and I'm still not over it. If I'd known any better at the time, I'd have tried to have their jobs.

    Anyway. I'm signing the petition.


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