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Blog tour with romance author A.L. Kessler

In the Light of the Moon is the first in my paranormal romance series Dark War Chronicles. Kassity is a panther-lycan that owes the vampire Lucius a debt and that is why she kills for him. Lucius rules over a territory and will use anything he can to control his people. He’s not willing to let go of his prized cat, even when she meets her fated mate. Kass is tired of her life with Lucius and wants to gain back control over her beast, but one thing keeping her from leaving is her family. The Black Moon Clan has gone insane and has slaughtered every female except for Kassity, the one who got away. Cornered now by The Circle, the unofficial rulers of the vampire kind, they need to get Kassity back and deliver her to The Circle.  They hire a mercenary named Jaxon, he goes where the money is and isn’t afraid to rescue Kassity from the big bad vampire. Needless to say, things get interesting.

The world of DWC is one where the government and very few civilians know that supernatural creatures exist. There is a war raging between every like of creature and everyone wants a different outcome. Each book in the series will reveal a little more about the different sides of the war anywhere from vampires, to Hunters, witches and fae, no creature is out of question here. Things are about to change. Choose your side.

Character Spotlight: Kassity Debeau

Physical Appearance:

Gender: Female

Age:  24
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 120lbs
Hair: Dyed red, naturally color is blonde
Eyes: Blue
Distinguishing Marks: She has several scars on her body from the multiple fights she’s been in.  The one Jaxon notices is on her right arm.

General Information:

Birth date: May 14th
Birthplace: Santa Fe, NM
Ethnic origin: European
Family members: Sarah, the sister who was supposed to not have a panther form and she’s the oldest. Stephan is the youngest brother, and then there is Garret who is the oldest brother. Her father Quinn leads the small clan of panther. Kass’ mother is deceased.


In one word: Tough
First impression: Spunky
Gets angry at: Lucius
Laughs at: Anything she can.
Cries at: Very rarely does Kassity cries, if she does it’s normally something from the past.
Regrets: Trusting Josh.
Vulnerability: Jaxon and her inability to keep her panther under control
Fears: Total control by Lucius.

Other details

Hobbies: running in the forest when Lucius allows it.
Skills: Bartending and eating people. (In panther form of course!)
Smells: like the forest
Favorite color: Green
Favorite food: Fast food burgers
Favorite beverage: Mudslide
Favorite music: Heavy rock, anything loud and angry
Favorite clothing: Jeans and a tank top

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About the Author:
A.L. Kessler is a paranormal romance and steampunk author residing in Colorado Springs. Since she was a teenager she's loved weaving stories and spinning tales. When she's not at the beck-and-call of the Lord and Lady of the House, two black cats by the names of Jynx and Sophie, playing with her daughter, or killing creepers and mining all the things with her husband of 4 years, she's either reading, participating in NaNoWriMo, or writing in her Blog Writing Rambles. You can find her story Keeper in Evernight Vol II, her steampunk short, Of Souls and Steam, in Penny Dread Vol. III, also Midnight Symphony, her first novella is now available.

Find A.L. Kessler:
Twitter: a_l_kessler

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