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Indie Romance Convention Author Interview with Lori Brighton

Please welcome Lori Brighton!

~Tell us a bit about yourself
Well, I went to college to become an archaeologist. I’d seen Indiana Jones a few too many times but I realized pretty quickly it was a bit less adventurous than the movies made it seem; it’s more digging in the dirt than being chased by giant boulders. After college I landed a job as a natural science curator. I loved my job, but I’d always had a huge imagination and it just wasn’t fulfilling that aspect of my personality. So…I decided to try and write a romance! Seven long years later (and lots and lots of rejections), I sold two books to Kensington. The pay was crap, and they didn’t recontract me but fortunately self-publishing took off around this time. Now I can say I actually have a career as a writer, which honestly at times I never thought I’d be able to say! I love being able to tell my son that if you work hard and never give up, you can have the life you want!

~Who or what is your writing muse? And what is your favorite environment to write in or conditions?
Well, when I was sixteen I first discovered romance novels. It was a Julie Garwood historical called Guardian Angel. When I read that book I was in awe, I’d never read anything like it! So much romance, love, emotion and adventure! So, I guess you could say her historical romances are what made me want to start writing later in life, and they are definitely still my favorites. Good books are definitely my muse! As for where I write…I’m usually on my couch, but I have a beautiful, wonderful office that I’ve finally finished decorating, so I’m sure I’ll be there much more often. 

~Who or what genre do you enjoy reading?
I’ll read any type of romance or young adult. Like my movies, I like romance and adventure and a happily ever after. Honestly, I don’t have much time to read but when I do, I’m usually reading self-help books! Makes me sound like a nutcase, but I’m addicted to them! I wonder if there’s a book for that…
~What are you working on right now?
A lot! I’m the sort of author who works on multiple books at once. If I get bored, or stuck, I switch to another! But at this exact moment I’m frantically trying to get my next historical romance for Amazon Montlake done…To Please a Lady; book 3 in my Seduction Series. I’m working on a short story to go with my self-published series, The Mind Readers. I’ve got two other paranormal young adult books in the work, as well as a young adult romance (no paranormal). And yes, I’m hoping to get them all out in 2013! Okay, maybe I am a nutcase.

Fun Questions:
Fave Band or singer: I don’t think I have a favorite. I’ll listen to anything from Tom Petty, to Enya, to Classical, to The Lumineers. My husband has Satellite Radio in his car and my favorite station is called Coffee House, so I suppose I tend toward Indie bands.

Dog or Cat: Honestly the best pet I’ve ever had was our dog who died last year
L But if I had to choose, it would be cats! Cats leave you alone! They do their own thing, which I appreciate.
Leather or Denim: The idea of leather sounds sexy, but honestly denim.

Heels or Flip Flops: Well, again I like the idea of heels, but let’s face it, I’m in my PJ’s most days so it’s Flip Flops for me.

Wine or Beer: Neither! I hate the taste of alcohol! I love pop (as we call it from the area in the Midwest where I’m from) but I’m trying not to drink it as it’s so bad for the body!

Mountain Top or Ocean Side: I love all nature! But definitely ocean! I love the mystery of the beach. You don’t know what you’ll see or find. In fact, we’re trying to move toward the beach now! Fingers crossed someday soon!

Boxer, breifs, or commando for your hero: Boxer-briefs!

Thanks so much for having me!

For more on Lori Brighton and her books please visit her site at : http://www.loribrighton.com/

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