Thursday, June 6, 2013

Review: As You Wish: A Cinderella Story by A. Violet End

Title: As You Wish
Author: A. Violet End
Source: Author request in exchange for an honest review
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Length: ebook novella
Reviewer: Cerridwen

Annora is willing to do anything to save her father from the dark eros of an evil witch-mother and two demonic step-sisters. It's a perilous task, battling such awful magic, but she doesn't have to face danger alone; a fairy man waits to make all Annora's wishes come true—for a price.

This is not Walt Disney's Cinderella, dear reader. This is As You Wish, a Cinderella story from author A. Violet End

You were fair warned in the above synopsis. This is not, I repeat, NOT a beautiful love story that has sweet words that will lull you to sleep of wonderful dreams. No, A Violet End has stayed true to the original Fairy Tales that were dark and extremly sexual in some cases.

Not only is Cinderella in this story but several other characters that come into play each with their own background and twist into the dark.

The story is very creative. You can tell that  End paid close attention to keep the wording and elements  to the true form on the fairy tale. She does it an  a way that sometimesseems absurd then you remember, oh yea this is a fairy tale thats what they are suppossed to say.

The sex in the story can get a bit disturbing, but not in a BDSM way. It more in a demonic sadistic way that leads the reader to realize how lost all hope is and how hard Cinderella has to work to make the ending a happy one.

Very good read if you like and know that not all fairy tales started in cartoon form.

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