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Review: Captive by K.M. Fawcett

Title: Captive (The Survival Race, #1)
Author: K.M. Fawcett
Source: Self Purchase
Genre: Science Fiction/Action, Adventure Romance
Length: Novel (384pgs)
Reviewer: CaroleDee


The last thing Addy Dawson remembers is a blazing inferno and freezing river water overtaking her lungs. When she awakens, Addy finds herself on a strange, alien planet, trapped in a cell with no doors, no windows-- and to her horror-- a naked warrior who claims to be her mate.


An alpha gladiator, Max is forced to breed and produce the finest specimens for the Survival Race, a deadly blood sport created by the alien rulers of Hyborea. To rebel means torture - or worse - yet Max refuses to become the animal his captors want him to be. But their jailors will not be denied, and soon Addy and Max find themselves unwilling players in this cruel game. Pushed to the limit, they will risk everything for the chance at a life free from captivity. And though fate brought them together as adversaries, Max and Addy will discover that when they're together, there's nothing in the universe that can stop them .

 Okay, so I'm going to be completely honest. I read the words 'mate' and 'breed' and thought I was in for a bit of a sci-fi smut-fest. But let me tell you, I couldn't have been more wrong! Captive is a story filled with action, adventure, pain (physical and emotional), and a wonderful romance that blooms slowly through the book.

Addy wakes up in a strange world where humans are no more than pets. And just like human pet owners, you have the good ones and the bad ones. While some are treated well others are neglected, starved, and forced to fight in tournaments for their owners pleasure. Whether neglected or taken care of humans are still seen as lower life forms. Addy refuses to be treated that way and NEEDS to escape. It's rumored there is a sanctuary in the south where humans are safe and she's bound and determined to find her way there! 

Max has been on the planet for 15 years. He's lost a lot of his humanity. After fighting in the gladiator-like events for so long he feels like he's nothing but an animal. Addy's determination to be free sparks his fire to live like a human again and together they start the arduous journey south. Blizzards, rough waters, and vicious wild animals are only the beginning of the challenges that face them on their journey.  

This was such a different and refreshing read. I will admit that I was emotionally exhausted by the end. It just seemed like one bad thing after another happened to these poor people, but it was all worth it in the end :)

I would like to have had an epilogue, but where it ended was happy enough to satisfy me. My own curiosity is screaming to know more, BUT since this is going to be a series, I hope I'll get a chance to catch up with Addy and Max in a future installment.

Captive was a happy accident that I happened to come across on amazon, and I'm thrilled to have found it. K.M. Fawcett will be an auto buy in my future :)

"I'd rather die free, she had said, Max knew the woman would indeed die free.

But not today."

About the Author

K.M. Fawcett was a born romantic. At six years old, she would beg her parents to take her to a restaurant with, “Soft music and candles” where she could drink Shirley Temples and twirl on the dance floor. As she grew, her desire to be whisked into a romantic adventure by a knight in shining armor also grew – to the point of annoying her friends and family. When she received A Knight In Shining Armor (a novel by Jude Deveraux) for her eighteenth birthday, she fell in love…with the romance genre. ♥ Now K.M. writes sci-fi/ paranormal romances, and enjoys stories filled with adventure and strong, kick butt heroes and heroines.

K.M. holds the rank of Sandan (3rd degree black belt) in both Isshinryu Karate and in Ryukonkai (Okinawan weapons). She and her husband own Tenchi Isshinryu Karate Dojo in NJ where they teach karate, weapons, and self-defense.

When not working out at the dojo or writing, K.M. is home with her two children and two cats.


  1. I love these Alien type stories. I haven't seen many like this one so I'm intrigued. I'm always on the lookout for Alien abduction stories in the romance isle and don't see it too often.

    1. This one was def different than the average 'abduction' stories. Not really erotic at all. I think there was one sex scene? (can't remember for sure)

      It is a great adrenaline filled story with a romance that builds :)


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