Friday, June 21, 2013

Review: FAIRY UNBROKEN by Anna Keraliegh

Source:  Author – I received this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Length:  Novella
Reviewed by:  Artemis


What happens when the human hater finds his human mate?

When Keyn was a boy, he fell from the sky. Cruel human men found him and the child within ceased to exist. Now, he lives for battle. His sole purpose in life is protect the King and Queen from threats but he has a secret. Every night when memories plague him, he wakes and flies to her. His mate. Found long ago but one he does not want to claim. 

Trillian has enough on her plate with a dying brother. When creatures attack, she’s thrust in a mythical world turned real and confronted with attempts on her life. She wants nothing to do with the fairy kingdom until her brother takes a turn for the worst and a little fairy help may just save his life.

Can Keyn get past his hatred and let Trillian heal his broken soul?

Ms. Keraleigh has built a fantastical fairy world where the alpha men fly around in nothing but a loincloth.  FAIRY UNBROKEN is the third installment of the series which is an energetic and engaging story.  I was hooked within the first few pages as Keyn fell from the sky.

Because of what happened to him as a young boy, Keyn can’t bear to be in the presence of humans - almost to the point of becoming physically ill.  This becomes a real problem when he realizes Trillian, a human female, is his mate, because she is the only one who soothes his wounded soul.  No matter, Trillian has her brother to worry about and has no intentions of keeping house with “wingman”.

Keyn and Trillian have that “love/hate” relationship building.  The banter they have going on is priceless.  Here is a snippet:

“Food,” he said flatly and placed a tray on the table. 
“Thanks.” She walked toward it and noted how he stiffened and took a step back. Might as well get this out of the way. “I won’t be your mate.” She grabbed what looked like a yellow carrot and chomped on it. 
Keyn lifted a brow. “Good.” 
That’s it? This guy wouldn’t be getting laid and that’s all he had to say? “Fine.” 
“Great,” he muttered and turned to walk out. 
“So, you’ll take me home then?” 
He halted at the door. “No.” With that, he left. 
“You’re an asshole!” she yelled before he could walk too far.

The trolls are causing trouble as usual in the Fairy Kingdom.  Ms. Keraleigh shines a bit more light on Whisper and gives a tease with a very brief appearance by Valen.  All is not lost – he may get his story yet!

FAIRY UNBROKEN is a story I devoured in one sitting.  It is a fun and entertaining story with lively characters I enjoy getting to know and revisit. 

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  1. Sounds good. I'm gonna have a few days alone next month when hubby house/dog sits for his sister and have been looking for some good books to read while I have some peace and quiet. lol


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