Monday, July 1, 2013

Cover Reveal: Ultimate Sacrifice by Pauline Holyoak

Title: Ultimate Sacrifice (Merryweather Lodge #3)
Release Date: July 1, 2013

Four years has passed since that dreadful event in the cellar.  Belinda gave birth to a baby girl, none months after Emily witnessed the creature raping Jonathan.  The child appeared to be normal but looks can be deceiving.  Was Emily's attempt to bury the pentagram and trap the evil entity successful?  For four years, there had been no paranormal activity at the cottage or reports of suicides or murders in the area.  Merryweather Lodge was the fairytale kingdom Emily always dreamt it would be.  Or so it seemed.  In just one week Emily was going to marry the man of her dreams, her literal soul mate.  Will her unearthly adversary allow the wedding to take place?  Come to the West Country in England and experience the final act at Merryweather Lodge.

Excerpt from Ultimate Sacrifice:

I glanced at Jonathan to see his reaction. His cleft chin was raised and his lips wore a soft smile. He looked content, happy and oblivious to it all.  I tried to speak to him but my mouth would not move. I was frozen in another dimension, devoid of my reality, as if someone had cast a malicious spell on me.  The unsightly woman’s cracked lips formed a stiff smile; her strange eyes glared into mine. I recognized those eyes, but from where? Something was moving toward me from behind. I could feel it. My skin began to crawl. I was consumed with utter panic and the need to escape. I tried to tear my arm away from Jonathan’s and run, but I could not move. I was shrouded in a dark magnetic force that kept me glued to the ground.

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