Monday, July 8, 2013

Review: Furious Lust by Elise Hepner

Title: Furious Lust
Author: Elise Hepner
Source: Author Request in exchange for an honest review
Published: January 25th, 2013
Published by: Secret Cravings Publishing
Reviewed by: Cerridwen 

One mistake can change a life—let alone an eternity.

Tisiphone’s a revenge demon working for Hades in the Underworld torturing damned souls. When she escapes for three days under the sun with a human male, her leash is pulled tight. Tisiphone’s banished from the Underworld to Earth and stripped of her demonic powers. But that’s not what drives her horrendous nightmares.

Cithaeron’s human life was dedicated to revenge, until a demon walked into it. The wickedly intense, sensually destructive Tisiphone takes over his life with probing questions and haunting caresses. It’s over in a blink. After centuries of torture in Limbo, Hades brings him back for a judgment call that could change their intertwined lives—dead or alive.

Their future is in their past. Their lust can burn each other to the ground. But they’ve got to learn to work together or they’ll both go to Hell for good.

The concept for this book was great. I love the fact that there is mythology worked into it without making it too historical.  The characters are strong and struggle with thier past lives while trying to adjust to the new ones they've been forced to take.
This book came in spurts for me ( no puns intended I promise). The beginning was really good, then it dwelled off a bit. A little later got good again. I think for me it was missing some descriptive elements. It became hard to "see" characters and where they were.
The sex scenes were very hot, steamy, and painful. Not painful in a bad way but in a very good way if your into that type of thing. (wink wink, LOL)
Overall I would recommend this book for a quick read. As I said the concept was good, just needed a bit more for me.

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