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Review: Intaglio The Collector's Edition by: Danika Stone

Title: Intaglio The Collector's Edition Volumes 1&2 
Author: Danika Stone 
Source: Review Request
Genre: Romance with Paranormal Influence
Length: 445 pages Paperback
Review by: Emi 

**I received a copy of this book for an honest review**

Blurb for Volume 1
Set against the backdrop of the modern art scene, Intaglio: The Snake and the Coins follows Ava Brooks, art student and graffiti artist, as she begins a wildfire relationship with fellow student, sculptor Cole Thomas. Their sudden connection results in a passionate affair which sparks a series of increasingly vivid dreams. In them, Ava finds herself drawn into a memory of another life: one that she and Cole shared. As each dream brings the memory of her past closer, the two of them must unravel the events that once tore them apart, or risk repeating the same mistakes all over again. 
Blurb for Volume 2
Ava Brooks and Cole Thomas share a connection: one forged from the memories of another life. The unraveling web of secrets continues as Ava finds herself caught in a growing conflict between Cole and Kip. In the wake of this, revelations emerge about the death of Cole's sister, but the dark stories hidden in the Thomas household hint at a life marred tragedy. As each new dream brings this other life closer, Ava and Cole must unravel the events that once tore them apart, or risk repeating the same mistakes all over again.

Ok so even though this book didn't have everything I love in a story, it was certainly still an excellent read and well deserving of a 5 star rating. For those of you have seen some of my other reviews, you know that I love action and adventure with a whole lot of hotness, but Intaglio was just a different kind of adventure. It felt so real and relatable that I felt like I was more than just reading the story but  I was there along with them on their journey. Ava & Cole are two art students that when their paths finally cross, they feel a  certain connection that neither one of them can figure out, but are willing to explore. They both have these dreams that they can't really decipher their meanings, but eventually come to understand that it is past lives they are experiencing. And that is where the feeling of having already known each other and this connection comes from.  Both Ava & Cole have a deep rooted anger that is linked to their past and each one expresses or releases their anger in different ways.  While Ava finds her outlet artistically, Cole finds it in drinking and bar fights. We all deal with our issues in different ways and I can see how both outlets can be used. Ava has some struggles with her anger but no where near as difficult as Cole. Cole has been holding it all in for so long, and when he gets to that point where his rage is overtaking him, he releases the only way he knows how, until Ava. She helps him with his anger and hurt and eventually he finds another outlet for release and confronts the people causing it all. And while all of these personal "current" issues are going on between them, they are both still having these dreams of their past lives, and their artwork brings that to life. Ava & Cole finally get through their toughest moments with a little help from friends, therapy, and the love they have for each other. 
Intaglio was a very  intense and heart rending read. I loved  it because it wasn't all happy and sappy. The characters had some deep and very emotional issues to work through, that a lot of people don't always recover from. They transform their darkness into art, which is pretty amazing. And I have to say even though the "romantic" scenes weren't explicit they were pretty heavy and emotional, like angry passionate make up sex, that sometimes you want to start a fight just to have it,  lol. 
It was a great and heavy read and highly recommend it.  

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