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Review: Marly's Choice by Lora Leigh

Title: Marly's Choice
Author: Lora Leigh
Souce: Self Purchased (Old Amazon Freebie)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novel
Release Date: December 2003
Reviewer: Jasmyn

Marly's love for Cade has spanned her teenage years, and survived strong and intact into womanhood.  Her fantasies and daydreams have sustained her, but she's no longer content with nerely imagining the touch of his hands, the taste of his kiss.  It's time to seduce the tough, sexy cowboy.  She's heard the rumors for years, the tales of his sexual preferences.  She's prepared herself to accept his desires.  Prepared her body for his touch.  But she wasn't prepared for the choice to come ... Cade's dark desires, his sexual excessed are based in the past.  In a time when pain, shame, and blood stains his very soul.  He carries a secret shared only with his brothers.  A secret that has scarred the bond, the ability to be a brother or accept the love of the men he was raised with.  He knows the only way to prove his loyalty, his love for those brothers and marly will be the key.  She has a choice.  She can surrender to Cade's needs, his sould deep desires, or she can walk away.  A choice only Marly can make.  A choice that will change her life forever.

Marly's choice has a great premise.  Marly has grown up with three brothers (older than she is), and as she grew up she developed a huge crush on the oldest, Cade, which later turned into a deep love.  The problem with this scenario, is that Cade still refers to her as his "niece" even though he is very very sexually attracted to her and is quickly falling in love as well.  While they aren't actually related, the references to the "family relationship" at the beginning kind of rubbed me the wrong way.  You can't try to think of someone you want to have sex with as your niece - it's just creepy.

After we get over that, we run into problems with the force Cade tends to use, and that he doesn't take no for an answer.  Not that he rapes her by any means, but one scene in particular comes a little too close for comfort.

On the other hand, the story behind the scenes was really really good.  Marly has a stalker and he will do anything to get his hands on her.  He is a constant presence in the background of the entire story and takes center stage a little more than half way through.  Watching the family rally behind Marly was great and really showed how much the loved her.

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  1. I think I have this one. Yeah that's a little, er, iffy? Even if they aren't related. Though I have read one kinda like that that did work. Sorry to hear it didn't do much for ya.


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