Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Review: Pierced by J.C. Mells

Title: Pierced (Pierced #1)
Author: J.C. Mells
Source: Author Request
Genre: Paranormal Romance*
Length: Novel
Release Date: April 9, 2013
Reviewer: Jasmyn

Image the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo meets Betty Crocker.

That's Pierce in a nutshell.

Pierce has been on the run for two years from the man who held her captive in a vampire compund for almost a decade.  Life on the run would be a lot simpler if she didn't suffer from several social disorders and 'quirks', have a ten-year-old brat in tow, as well as have two characters from a 1945 classic film living in her head and guiding her at every turn.

*This novel borders on "New Adult" and does not have a traditional HEA for the book - although it appears there will be one for the series.

I had a hard time deciding whether or not this book fit within our guidelines for paranormal romance, or just romance in general.  After looking through some of the descriptions for upcoming books in the series, I decided to go ahead and post it (with the warning above) because I felt it deserved a bit of a chance.

Pierce was a phenomenal characters.  J.C. Mells nailed her personality and 'quirks' perfectly.  Showing just how different she was without making her seem too freakish to the reader.  For Pierce, these are everyday occurances and just a part of her life, the reader feels that with her.  Pierce is on the run from the man that abused her as a child, and has his 10 year old daughter with her - trying to protect her from what she experienced.  They receive help unexpectedly in the form of our "hero" (I can't say his name or I ruin a surprise) - who has a few secrets of his own that I don't want to give away.

"Hero" and Pierce make the most unlikely couple I have ever seen - but they have potential to be something really great and we see a little bit of it really starting to come out at the end.  I hope to see the two of them really cement their relationship in future books in the series.

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