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Review: Twilight Hunger by Maggie Shayne

Title: Twilight Hunger (Wings in the Night #7)
Author: Maggie Shayne
Source: Self Purchased
Genre: Paranormal Romance (Vampire)
Length: Novel
Release Date: September 1, 2006
Reviewer: Jasmyn

When struggling screenwriter Morgan DeSilva uncovers the ancient leather diaries in the attic of an old house in Maine, she is swept into the seductive world of a long-dead madman who had believed himself a vampire. Now, though Dante's story has made her rich and famours, Morgan is wasting away.  At night she dreams of him, an erotic fantasy so real she can see the marks on her neck, feel her life's blood draining from her.  Almost as if he were real... "He comes to her at night.  Watching her.  Wanting her."

She is one of The Chosen.  She can be his, if he desires.  And he desires it so much that he is filled with a terrible fear.  He knows that his kiss can save her from destiny's curse, and from the enemies who stalk them both.  But to save her, he must trust her.  With his life.  With his love.  With the promise of immortality.

Maggie Shayne's Wings in the Night is one of my all time favorite vampire series so far.  The world builing is so perfect and the characters flawed in just the right ways.  Book seven takes us away from the group we have seen throughout the rest of the series, so it's a great place to start if you want to jump in at the middle.  There are actually two stories that intertwine in this one.  We have Morgan DeSilva and Dante, and we have Mad Maxie and her group of friends.  They collide about half way through is a totally unexpected way that completely changed what I thought was going to happen.  It was a perfect twist (especially since it happened earlier in the book than most.)

Morgan DeSilva comes of as a bit of a bitch and I almost didn't like her at first. But then she realizes that Dante is a real person (err vampire) and a whole new side of her shows through.  As a very old vampire, Dante is fighting his own personal issues as well.  One being his sire, Sarafina.  We are intriduced to her in the very first sentence and I hope that there might be more about her in a future book.

Mad Maxie was the perfect personality counter to Morgan.  A happy girl that loved her some conspiracy theories - but only the kind that were true.  Max plays a key part in every page of the book, even when she isn't really there.  I hope there's more about her soon as well.  I believe it's a good sign when a book ends with a HEA for my main characters and I hope for more more more because the secondary ones are so wonderful.  Unfortunately that was also the draw back in the book.  They sometimes stole a little too much of the spotlight from the main couple.

There are seventeen books in the Wings in the Night series and I'm slowly working my way through them.  I want them to last awhile.


  1. I love her books, I'm a big fan and really liked this book.

  2. Oh love her books too! I haven't read her vamps though. I think I have book one sitting around here somewhere. I'll have to dig that out :)

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