Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Review: WEREWOLF WEDDING by L. VanHorn

Author:    L. VanHorn       
Source:  I received a copy from the Author for an honest review
Genre:  Erotic PNR
Length:  Novella
Reviewed by: Artemis 


Upon arriving at the castle of her sister's intended, Wisia can't help but wallow in jealousy. Her little sister, Varina, gets to marry for love while she had to marry a horrid dosser of a man to better her parents' standing in their pack. But, dutiful sister that she is, she is determined that Varina have the best wedding the kingdom has ever seen.

Letters exchanged in the planning of the wedding with her sister's new pack's liaison, Gerik, can't begin to prepare Wisia for meeting him. He takes her breath away, and so much more. Planning together in person proves to be a challenge that leads them both to delicious distraction. It doesn't help that her sister seems to be arranging for her to spend every moment possible with the man.

As the wedding arrives what started as a tryst becomes something much more, something that becomes even more complicated at the traditional reception orgy. Will she be able to walk away from the only man who has ever touched both her and her wolf, making her feel like a complete woman?

Contains explicit sex.

What a delightful story!  It reminds me of the classic fairy tale only it has a paranormal, sexualized spin to it.  The older sister sacrifices and marries the ugly ogre for the good of the family while the younger sister gets to marry her Love:  The Handsome Prince.

Wisia does what she can to help her sister prepare for her perfect wedding.  Including corresponding with the new pack liaison, Gerik, to ensure everything goes smoothly.  Hey, seating charts are important!  What Wisia isn’t prepared for is the drop-kick to her, umm, chest when she finally meets Gerik.  Younger Sis, Varina, plays her role well as the unintentional match-maker.  While the “worthless dosser” of a husband is managed in a proper fashion.

That last little bit of the blurb - “Contains explicit sex” is just a tease.  Because, yes it does, including:  An orgy with a peak of a ménage/interracial foursome and a very brief F/F scene (Which I felt played well into the story line.).  

I did find it odd that lizards, yes lizards, were the preferred mode of transportation.  Yet, it strangely grew on me.

One more thing.  Don’t judge this book by its cover.  That hand and those fingernails creep me out.  Just sayin’…


  1. Really love all the different paranormal books out right now. sounds good.

  2. This one falls right into the "different" category!


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