Thursday, July 25, 2013

Review The Wolf Ring by Meg Harris

 Title: The Wolf Ring (Wolf Ring #1) 
Author: Meg Harris
Source: Kindle freebie
Genre: PNR- shifter
Length: Novelette
Reviewed by Laurie 

When Conner gives his girlfriend an antique ring, things between them get unexpectedly... wild.

Warnings: Explicit sex, blunt language

Length: Short story (7200 words)

Read the sequel, The Wolf Hunger


Faelan sat huddled on the bed in her apartment, scratching irritably at her skin. Ever since she'd put that damn ring on, she'd been itching like crazy. At first the itching had been confined to her right hand, but now it was starting to spread everywhere.

And it wasn't a normal itch, like she got from poison ivy or bug bites. It was a weird tingling sensation that she couldn't begin to describe. All she knew was, it was bothering the hell out of her. It made her want to get up and run at top speed around the room until she somehow outdistanced it.

She grumbled to herself. Damn Conner, she thought with annoyance, not for the first time. Other guys gave their girlfriends nice normal diamond rings in gold or platinum settings. But Conner being Conner, he just had to give her something unusual.

And it just figured that she was apparently allergic to silver.

Not a good omen, really. She was allergic to the first ring he’d ever given her. Maybe that was fate’s way of letting her know they weren’t meant to be together after all.

She shrugged that thought aside, because she just couldn't believe that. She was way too much in love with Conner to believe it. Conner was far and away the best thing that had ever happened to her.

But even so, she didn't have much choice but to remove the damn thing. The itching, tingling sensation ran over her skin in ever-increasing waves, making her squirm uncomfortably, making her want to whimper. It was slowly morphing from a sensation of itchiness to one of...

She wiggled uncomfortably, rubbing her thighs together. The tingling sensation was still all over her skin, every inch of it, but it seemed most intense right between her legs.

The truth was, she was starting to feel kind of... horny.

The Wolf Ring is a regular paranormal romance, not erotica. I really liked the idea of the story but the author didn’t execute it right. I really would have like to read about how the ring came about in something like an excerpt or at the beginning of the story. The hero gives this ring to the heroine but neither he nor she really knows anything about it. Then all the sudden before the end the heroine somehow coughs up what the ring is and what it does? I found this really unbelievable because someone would not know about something like this unless it’s introduced to them and the writer never gave in sight on how the heroine found out.

The characters has a good spark between them so it made the sex scenes that much hotter. All in all if you enjoy PNR and you can get this for free it’s worth the read. I just really wished the beta reader would have pushed the author to go deeper into the story. I hope one day this author would go back and re-write this book because this story is something you don’t find in the PNR world.

Please spay and neuter your pets.

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  1. Hmm... this doesn't sound super awesome but it's free, short and about werewolves so I will read it and see for myself. Thanks for sharing!


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