Thursday, August 8, 2013

Review: DraculaVille (New York #1) By; Lara Nance

Title: DraculaVille (New York #1)
Author: Lara Nance
Source: Review Request 
Genre: Paranormal
Length: 248 pages Paperback 
Reviewed by: Emi 

**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**

Super Ad/Publicity Agent, Talia Quinton, is poised at the top of her career to receive a much coveted job representing the world’s largest advertiser. She’s shocked and humiliated when the account is given to a rival agent with much less experience. Instead, Talia is ordered to come up with a publicity plan to bring tourists to Romania. An account not worth a tenth of the one she’d hoped for. 

But she’s not called Talia the Tiger by the New York ad world for nothing. When she discovers a newly made and abandoned vampire named Drake, she takes on the job of healing and grooming him into the face of her new campaign.

Instead of touting the ancient country's rolling hills and historic castles, she turns the advertising world on its head by bringing Romania’s dark past to the center of the presentation. She proposes they build a fantasy themed amusement park/resort for adults called, DraculaVille, right in the heart of Transylvania. And Drake will pose as Dracula, their spokesperson. A vampire pretending to be an actor, pretending to be a vampire.

Talia’s disturbing attraction to Drake is only one obstacle in her path. She soon discovers New York fairly swarms with warring vampire communities and she and Drake have landed right in the middle of their biggest conflict. On top of that, the odd members of the Romanian National Publicity Committee begin making strange demands that keep Talia constantly on the edge of losing the account and her reputation as New York’s most formidable Account Executive.

As a last straw, Talia and Drake are kidnapped by a ruthless vampire gang and forced to fight for their lives as the clock ticks on completing the assignment necessary to retain the DraculaVille account. Their only hope of gaining freedom is to consent to an ancient vampire bonding ceremony. There's one problem. To complete the ceremony, Drake must kill Talia and turn her into a vampire. But despite her unavoidable attraction to the hunky vampire she saved, Talia's not ready to die.

Loved it!! 
Talia is a work-aholic bent on getting the top account in the company, so when  she doesn't get it,  she goes out and has a pity party for herself. Little did she know that not getting the account she was after would only lead her to something bigger and better, and more handsome. She runs into Drake while she is in a hangover blur in an alley, and instantly feels a pull to him, so she saves him. Drake was left for dead after being attacked  and Talia takes him back to her apartment, with her friend Gerri. They figure out that he is a Vampire, though Drake has no recollection of what happened. And that is when Talia comes up with a killer idea for her new account and Drake is going to be the central point of it all. As they work closer together they run into one problem after the other, with Vampires and Ad execs alike. When they think that finally all is good and they can take a well deserved break,  another issue surfaces.  

I thought this was a great read!! Not your typical Vampire story, I thought it was fun. I'm glad that the story doesn't revolve just around Talia & Drake.  Felix & Gerri are Talia's friends and are a great addition to the story. And I have to admit  not only was Drake a hot mouthwatering male specimen, but he was also an excellent  cook, the dinners he made sounded  delicious!! 
I cannot wait to read the next one!! 


  1. Thanks so much for the awesome review! I hope your readers will enjoy this story as well. DraculaVille 2 is in edits and should be out within a few weeks. Yippie!! ENjoy! Lara XOXOXO

  2. Sounds great! LOVE the premise -- I've got to check this out!

  3. That sounds great. Love those vampires.


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