Sunday, August 11, 2013

Review: Rendezvous with Hymera By: Melinda De Ross

Title: Rendezvous with Hymera
Author: Melinda De Ross
Source: Review Request 
Genre: Love story with Paranormal influence 
Reviewed by: Emi 

**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**

Rendezvous with Hymera follows the development of a beautiful love story and a bizarre chain of events which lead to the investigation of a mystery that falls into a strange and somewhat paranormal discipline - Yoga.

The amateurish investigation starts when Clara DeVine changes her plans for a vacation and ends up in a strange place, where strange things happen. In the scene enters Colin Lambert, a special man from Clara’s past. Their attempts to elucidate the intriguing mystery bring them close again and the unfinished business between them turns into a beautiful and hot love story.
The fate of the female enigma of this story seems to resemble in a strange way that of the people inexplicably lost during The Philadelphia Experiment. 

I thought this was a very cool read! It was beautifully written, very descriptive and detailed.  I say love story with paranormal influence because the main characters have no paranormal abilities or attributes. They just happen to be a human couple in the middle of a ghost mystery. Which is totally awesome. I think another awesome aspect of the story is that Clara and Colin have known each other for years and have always felt an attraction for each other but never acted on it,  and after some time apart, they finally see each other again and don't let the opportunity pass. I really enjoyed Clara's character, I agree with mostly everything she says in her discussions with Colin or just thoughts to herself.  It was a very interesting read and the mystery ghost and the investigating by Clara and Colin make it a page turner. 

I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to more of Melissa's work.    

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