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Author Spotlight and Interview with Celeste Easton and Review of Deal with a Demon

Author Spotlight & Interview

Ok guys so Celeste is not only a totally awesome author she is a tattoo artist as well. How freaking cool is that?!  I became a total fan once I read Deal with a Demon and then I found out that she's a tattoo artist too and I was like AWESOME. Two of my most favorite things in the world, ok other than lasagna lol, is books and tattoos. If I could, I'd have many more of each. 

Meet the Author

Novelist Celeste Easton was born in Ohio, where her first words were "Read me." (<--true story!) When she isn't penning dark, demonic, and delicious paranormal romances, she's busy collecting shoes and Victorian funerary photographs. She has an amazing, funny, and supportive husband, along with a herd of furry children. She's obsessed with cake and Sugar-Free Redbull. And! She's also a tattoo artist.

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Author & Character Interview

Hi Celeste! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time for this interview.
            Thank YOU for having me!

  1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I've basically been writing and drawing since I could hold a crayon. In addition to authoring, I’m also a tattoo artist. I swear a lot. I’m obsessed with shoes. I’m also kind of obsessed with firearms. And I have a crippling caffeine addiction which I soothe with copious amounts of coffee and sugar-free Redbull. I live in central Ohio with my husband and a whole herd of furry children.

What do you like to read, do you prefer a specific genre, or everything?
I read EVERYTHING. For romance I prefer Paranormal or Historical or Urban Fantasy. But Horror was, and still is, my first love.
  1. Do you write only Paranormal? Are there any other genres you write or are interested in writing?
Mostly Paranormal Romance, but I also love writing horror. I've always wanted to finish writing the Pirate Historical Romance I started when I was fourteen and I swear someday I will!
  1. So, what has, or rather inspires you to write about demons, is it a fascination with the underworld?
I've always been fascinated with sympathetic monsters. I think it comes from a need to understand the misunderstood, or a need to know the ‘why’ that lies beneath the monsters’ actions. And demons are monsters, aren't they? Plus I love the idea that demons—the proverbial and primal enemy of humanity—could have hearts just like the rest of us. And talk about ultimate bad boys!
  1. The underworld you created is pretty cool; though I would definitely prefer to be on the First lol, how exactly did you create it, and did any specific area inspire you?
The early inspiration for my Hell came from illustrations in Dante’s Inferno. The Nine Circles of Hell. I also wanted to play with the concept of the underworld mimicking our world. But I’m with you—First Level of Hell all the way. Wonder if the Demon King has a spare bedroom for me…

  1. To me, Deal with a Demon seems to have a personal or more relatable background story, was it difficult to write about Drew, his relationship with Nic, and the finale?
Nic and Drew’s relationship was very difficult to write about. And the finale? In edits, every time I came to that scene, I wanted to change it, wanted to make it go away. But I think it all worked out for the best, don’t you?

  1. We are initially introduced to Asmo, Arden & Chase, and then a few more brothers in the end; can we get a little hint about who the next installment is about? *crosses fingers and chants* please say Chase, please say Chase. J
Ha! Chase is very popular. Might have something to do with the linebacker build and the long blond hair, huh? Guess you’ll have to wait and see if he gets his shot at the spotlight. *evil laughter*

  1. Your hero is not typical that I've seen, at least so far, usually a Demon Hero denounces his Demon half trying to be more human. But Arden is the opposite and thrives on fear. Was it fun to write him this way?
Oh, Arden was FUN. And I always like coming at characters from an angle that’s opposite of typical. But I will admit that most of the time, he’s a six-foot pain in the a$$.

  1. Will this series include all of the brothers?
*more evil laughter* I’m not tellllling.

  1. Will Sorro be redeemed and get his own book? 
Sorro has a REALLY rough road ahead if he wants to redeem himself. And I’m not sure that the Asmodai will let him live long enough to change his ways. But all monsters—at least the ones I like to write about—have hearts, so never say never.

Character Interview with Arden
  1. Can you tell us what it’s like living on the First Level?
His face doesn't change in the slightest when the tattoo artist drags the needle across his thigh, working through the new addition to his extensive collection. “What’s there to tell? We’re royalty. It has its benefits. I find it more enjoyable now than I used to.” He glances over at the petite woman parked in a chair in the corner of the room. Some silent communication passes between them. The woman’s eyes glint like polished granite when she smiles.
  1. What was it like for you and your brothers, constant chaos?
He laughs without moving. “Lots of ruined priceless antiques, bloody noses, and broken bones.”
  1. When did you start getting tattoos, and why did you choose Angels?
“I got the first angel when I was sixteen.” A shadow crosses his face and clouds form in his gem-like eyes. “The ‘why’ is really none of your business.” He shakes his head, scattering his shaggy black hair over his forehead. “I’m into something different now.”

  1. Will you be getting anymore pieces done, and what will they be?
“I’ll get tattooed until I run out of skin.”
“Not your face,” the woman in the corner says. She’s not smiling any more.
He rolls his eyes at her, but she doesn't back down. “Fine. Not my face.”

  1. Here’s a more personal question, why do you despise your human half? I know you've mentioned weakness, but is it really because you don’t want to be reminded or hurt by the memory of your mother?  
All sound and movement in the room stops. Even the tattoo artist who was in the process of wiping down her finished product freezes, gloved hand hovering over his thigh. The woman in the corner is at the edge of her chair.
And Arden? He gives me a crooked smile, but the flash of his white teeth isn't joyful. At all. Looks more like the grin of a hungry jaguar. “Your interview is over. Goodbye.”

*Sighs* Well guys, I tried. Looks like we'll have to wait and see which sexy demon is next. 
And I am soooooooo looking forward to it. ;)  

Review for Deal with a Demon 

Title: Deal with a Demon
Author: Celeste Easton
Source: Review Request
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: 334 pages Paperback
Reviewed by: Emi 

**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**

After her parents’ brutal murder, Nic Wright shut herself off from the world, barricading her heart against everyone but her brother, Drew. So when he goes missing, dragged into Hell by soul-thirsty demons, Nic doesn't think twice about going in after him. Because Drew may be a junkie, but he’s all she’s got. And she’ll be damned if she’s letting him go without a fight.

Which is exactly what Arden of the Asmodai, sexy, arrogant prince of the Nine Hells, and Nic’s guide, is counting on. Half mortal, Arden’s only shot at becoming a full demon is to deliver a willing human to the Fourth Level of Hell. And Nic, desperate to find her brother, will do nicely. But Arden didn't count on Nic’s powerful will...or the ferocity of his desire for her. Now, as they descend into a Hell beyond Nic’s wildest dreams—and her worst nightmares—Arden will take any risk and tell any lie necessary to keep her safe. To possess her. Forever..

Nic makes a deal with a demon, Arden, in order to go rescue her brother. She has to travel to the fourth level of hell to rescue him, and on the way, she starts to feel things she hasn't felt in a long time. Arden thinks he's finally found an out to his boring situation, he needs to bring Nic willingly to the Fourth level of Hell in order to get his transformation. 
Nic is determined to get Drew at any and all costs, even if that means going to Hell and making a Deal with a Demon. She feels responsible for him, even though he has been a pain in her a** for as long as she can remember, but hey aren't all siblings a pain, lol. I would do the same for mine without a doubt. Arden takes advantage of her situation and tries to get what he has been longing for for decades. But as they work with each other, their feelings grow, even though they both try to deny it.  I have read of some stubborn characters but Arden takes the cake. I kind of disliked him a bit at first  he truly didn't redeem himself until the end. It wasn't the fact that he got off on her fear, I mean he's a demon what do we expect, but it was the scheme he had going on, to betray Nic. And the fact that he was so close to doing it, even after realizing his feelings for her, pissed me off a bit. If I could have reached in and shook him up a bit, I would have, lol. But he surely does the sexy bad boy part well.  I really felt for Nic, she is probably one of the top female characters I've read. She's strong, witty, and most importantly, loyal. Her brother is all she has, and even though he's a screw up, she does whatever needs to be done, to bring him back. Sorro is one of the Demons who takes Drew, though he is a villain, I feel like there is more to him than just his evil Demon. I'm hoping we get to see more of him and see what's really up with him.   
To me, this book is more than just a Paranormal story. I can definitely relate with Nic, falling for a "bad boy", knowing that he's just wrong for you but you just can't deny the pull he has on you. That when you get together sparks fly and it's the best thing that ever happened. Being loyal to family no matter what happens. Surviving a tragic death and trying your best to move on and be the best person you can be. Battling with a family member or friend with an illness like addiction. It's all hard and Nic handles it, all of it. I think this was a great read,  I've mentioned before that a book almost made me tear up, but this one did.   

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