Monday, September 2, 2013

Book promo giveaway Breaking the Storm by Sedona Venez

Book Title: Breaking the Storm

Author Name: Sedona Venez

Book blurb:
Stormy Credence was destined to succumb to the Credence family curse—they all did.

Stormy is put to the test one more time, when the one man that she never wanted to see again—‘Rock Star’ Knox Gunner comes blowing back into her life—back to claim what’s his—Stormy. This time he will stop at nothing to prove that she belongs to him in every sense of the word…

When Stormy meets sexy band front man Knox Gunner, there’s no denying him. Willing to take a chance on love, Stormy breaks the most important Credence rule, no relationships—ever—a mistake that results in heartbreaking devastation.

But can she keep her feelings from getting dangerously deep until his game of ‘Breaking the Storm’ is over?

Paranormal Romance:
**Mature Content Warning** 18+ for language, and adult situations.


Wait…” I looked him up and down with contempt. Did you honestly think you and I would actually skip into the sunset like some ridiculous reality show couple?
I laughed coldly. Youre a starving artist. I need someone stablelike Luke. And from what I've seen tonight, you're not worth my time or effort. Good-bye, Knox Gunner.Each word was like a knife in my chest. Painful, biting, a slow crawl that brought my soul closer to death. But I determinedly trudged on. I flipped my hair over my shoulder before starting the car. I pulled on the door, but he held on stubbornly.

This is not the end, Storm. It's only the beginning. I'll be back to claim what's mine.His eyes were cold. You. He released the door, stepping back as I peeled away with tears streaming down my cheeks.

My heart stuttered, shutting down that part of me that was willing to take a chance on love. Never again. He was the last man Id ever open my heart to again. He's gone. History. The past I would never repeat again.

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