Saturday, September 28, 2013

Review: AFTER DARK: SHADOW HUNTER by Kait Ballenger

Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Source:  Borrowed from Public Library
Reviewer:  Artemis

A timeless seduction A unique temptation And a whole world of dark desires... 

From New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter

The Darkest Angel 

Winged warrior Lysander has been alive for centuries, and yet he's never known desire-until he meets Bianka. Spawned from the bloodline of his enemy, the beautiful but deadly Harpy is determined to lead the untouched Lysander into temptation. He may try to evade her attempts, but even the most iron-willed demon assassin can resist for only so long....

And from debut author Kait Ballenger

Shadow Hunter 

Vampire hunter Damon Brock's first assignment with the Execution Underground is Rochester, New York, a city crawling with the undead. But he isn't the only hunter in town gunning for vamp blood. Tiffany Solow is fierce and ruthless when it comes to slaying the monsters that destroyed her family-and she works solo. But being alone is no longer so desirable when she meets the mysterious hunter who wants more than just her turf. As they work to massacre the local covens, the line between good and evil blurs when they are forced to decide between their lifelong beliefs... and their newfound hearts.

This review is just for SHADOW HUNTER by Kait Ballenger. I didn't bother to read the other story by Gena Showalter because I haven't read any of her work gasp, and I didn't want to start reading in the middle of a series I knew nothing about.

The "Dear Reader" from Ms. Ballenger at the beginning of SHADOW HUNTER is very enlightening and I suggest you read it.

Having read TWILIGHT HUNTER first, I wanted to know why Damon Brock was such a hard-ass: Now I know why. He's wired that way; trained to be the best Hunter to eradicate the earth of PNR creatures. And his BFF, Mark, was killed during a mission for which he feels responsible; so the guilt he carries eats away at him. There are a few other things, but, hey, can't give away everything..... He also has a softer, gentler side which is showcased here. Enter, Tiffany, BFF Mark's sister, and independent vampire hunter. She, too, is hunting the vamp who killed her brother. (I couldn't help but notice said vamp had the initials C.A.D.)

Now that I've read both of the books, albeit, not in order, I think I'm going to like this series. It may be a little rough around the edges, but it's different than the usual PNR romance offerings. The "leeches", shifters, et al, are the loathsome creatures we all love to hate. The Execution Underground Hunters are alpha male through and through!

I would have rated this book 5 stars, but damnitalltohell! I did not like the way it ended! I don't see any feasible way to satisfactorily mend what has been broken. To rub salt into an already gaping wound, Damon won't get his "full" story until the end of the series.


  1. I loved both of Kait's stories... Her Execution Underground Hunters rock! I'm with you on the ending... I can hardly wait until the end of the series to find out what happens with Damon and Tiffany... DURN!

    1. I don't know how she is going to turn this one around. Especially after what happened. There's no going back now!

  2. I don't know how I missed this book. I didn't know anything about it. Dang..*Runs off to add it to my wishlist* whew, ok, I'm good now. ;) Thanks for the review.

    1. Mary, you crack me up! It's refreshing to find a series where the paranormals are the bad guys for a change - like they were meant to be.


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