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Review: Captured Love, Zankli Chronicles Book 2 By: M. J. Duffy

Title: Captured Love, Zankli Chronicles Book 2
Author: M. J. Duffy
Source: Review Request 
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: 297 pages PDF 
Reviewed by: Emi 

**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review** 

CAPTURED LOVE is the second volume of the Zankli Chronicles, which continues the sensual, epic fantasy of a race of beings whose superhuman gifts and soul connections transcend time and distance. Their ancient fables tell the story of a sacred river whose location high in the mountains of West Africa has been lost to memory. The greatest threat to the survival of Zankli—as well as to the survival of humankind—is the Tibooquee, known throughout Zankli as the Anomaly. It is the Anomaly that has sequestered the river, cloaking it from all humanity.
In LOST LOVE Book One, Nadu the daughter of the King and a Promised Child is abducted by slavers and taken aboard the Black Jewel, her entire world is turned upside down, and a set of events is set in motion that appears to challenge the prophecy – or does it?
Three hundred years later in America, Hara, a Prince of Zankli experiences a revelation following a chance encounter with a beautiful woman. To his astonishment, Monique turns out to be the unusually gifted sister of his kinsman Andre Dunn, and a purebred Zankli who possesses the power of travel. Hara is inexorably drawn to her, and she to him. But unobserved and in various disguises, Tibooquee conspires to keep the two apart. So begins an adventure whose outcome will determine the fate of all Zankli.
In this tale of seduction, betrayal, dark rivalries and psychological warfare, the Zankli’s only hope for salvation lies in a young time-traveling warrior, Tukvihi, the Supreme Chosen, who joins his cousins in the battle to defeat the forces of darkness and once again open the path to the River of Life.

The Zankli Chronicles have been an amazing read so far. The first book Lost Love was a very deep and emotional read, you can find my review for it here. And Captured Love has been an extraordinary ride. It takes us for not only an incredible journey through time but is also an amazing story about love and destinies fulfilled. We are introduced to Hara and Monique in Lost love, but there roles are significantly more important in Captured Love. They are the Chosen ones and are both part of a prophecy to save human kind from the Anomaly. The Anomaly is the most evil being to exist on earth and has been working since the beginning of time to destroy The Zankli. 
Hara is the Prince of the Zankli and is very accustomed to getting whatever he pleases, he's also a total chauvinist, which is the total opposite of his prophesied mate.   Monique is a beautiful  independent woman who is not very happy with the chauvinist ways of the Zankli men, but even more so when it is her intended mate. They must come together and defeat the Anomaly, which is not very easy to do. 
I have read of some wicked villains but the Tiooquee are just pure evil and  absolutely crazed with the goal to eradicate all of the Zankli. Hara and Monique's union must never happen if the Anomaly is to succeed in taking down the Zankli. While the Tibooquee's efforts are thwarted at every turn, they may have at least accomplished to hurt the Zankli along the way. 

Captured Love was a great read and I highly recommend the series.

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