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Felicity Heaton Her Wicked Angel Virtual Book Tour October 5th-November 29th

Interview with Apollyon and Serenity, hero and heroine of Her Dark Angel by Felicity Heaton

Thank you, Laurie, for having me here today at Bitten by Paranormal Romance as part of my Her Wicked Angel Virtual Book Tour!

First, here’s a little about me. I’m a paranormal romance author and I’ve been writing since 2005, and went indie in 2006. I love to write big worlds, populated by vampires, shifters, demons, fae and angels, and I have several series. This tour is about the Her Angel series, where passionate angels fight to protect the women they love in a deadly war between Heaven and Hell.

Today, I’m catching up with Apollyon and Serenity, the hero and heroine of Her Dark Angel, which was the first book in my Her Angel paranormal romance series, who also appear in the latest book, Her Wicked Angel.

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I’ve brought Apollyon and Serenity to my famous interview room. It’s rather swanky and a little bit gothic, reflecting my personal tastes. The walls are black and the furniture beside the large white marble fireplace are three red velvet tall backed armchairs with gold carved wooden frames. I have two opposite me, and both are occupied today.

Apollyon is handsome as he talks quietly with Serenity, his blue eyes pinned on her, giving her his undivided attention. He’s dressed smartly as always, pairing a black button down shirt with crisp black slacks and polished leather shoes. His long black hair is back in its normal ponytail. Because of his shirt, his wings are nowhere to be seen, which is a shame. He has beautiful big black wings and looks delectable when dressed in his revealing gold-edged black armour.

Serenity seems to be enjoying his fussing. She looks tiny compared to him, a petite blond witch with dazzling hazel eyes, and is light to his darkness in her cream summer dress. She glances my way and cracks a brilliant smile.

FELICITY: I have Apollyon and Serenity here with me today to talk about their book, Her Dark Angel, and also about their roles in Her Wicked Angel. Firstly, can you tell us a little about yourself?

SERENITY: Ah, I am... how is it you say? I am happy to be here. You must excuse my English. Mon ange teases me about it.

APOLLYON: I do no such thing. I merely find it sweet… if you believe I tease, it is because your pigeon English charms me.

FELICITY: I don’t think she finds it that charming. I think I need to reprimand you.

SERENITY: *smiles brightly* He will not like that. I am sure he will be moody. As for me... I am French by birth and have lived in Paris all my life. My mother taught me to use my, ah... powers. She told me of angels and all the other creatures. I had never met one before Apollyon. It was a shock. I had practiced my magic and was happy to use it to help others. It was all I wanted until I met my dark angel. Now I use my powers to help him and his friends. *pats her angel’s knee*

APOLLYON: Moody? *glowers* I am never moody.

FELICITY: *looks pointedly at him* You’re getting moody right now. Just tell everyone about yourself so we can continue.

APOLLYON: I was last reborn several thousand years ago into my usual role. I am one of the few angels who carries what is known as an eternal duty. That is a duty, or series of duties, that was given to me upon my creation. Because of my eternal duty, I am always reborn as an angel belonging to the division of death... and because of my eternal duty it is almost impossible for me to leave Heaven. Although I no longer report to them or work for them, I am still under the influence of my duty, and should need arise or events occur that trigger that duty, I will have to do the bidding of Heaven and fulfil it as only I can. Originally, I was the only angel of death, but mortals became intent on war and fighting, and so there is now a fleet of angels who carry out that responsibility. One of my main duties was to guard the Devil in the bottomless pit, and to fight him to keep him contained there. If I lose, the Devil will be free to roam Hell and then Earth.

FELICITY: Sounds like a lovely duty, and I’m glad you’re good at it. You mentioned the bottomless pit and Hell. That realm features a lot in the latest romance in your series, Her Wicked Angel, as Asmodeus is from there. What is Hell like?

APOLLYON: Horrible. Hot. Disgusting… and filled with rather unsavoury Hell’s angels and demons, and other… creatures.

FELICITY: Please don’t be referring to Asmodeus as a creature… if you are, I will reprimand you. I know you don’t get along with your evil twin, but he’s doing his best to be a better man. A good man.

APOLLYON: *scowls* I wish him all the luck in the world with that, but I cannot change my feelings for him on a whim because he has fallen in love. You forget that I have seen him at his worst, witnessed countless centuries of his malevolence and cruelty.

SERENITY: *strokes his knee* True, but he is different now. He is… in love, and that love is deep. He loves with all of himself. That is not the mark of a cruel and vicious man.

APOLLYON: *turns his frown on her* I will forgive you since you are siding with your cousin, rather than Asmodeus. I only hope he does not do something to show you and your cousin the full extent of his cruelty and evil. I would rather your fragile image of him not be shattered.

FELICITY: Now, now. I think Asmodeus is doing a good job of being… um, good… considering his upbringing. So, I was going to ask how you felt when Asmodeus showed up in your lives, but I’m getting the vibe neither of you were happy. Didn’t the events that unfurled after that go any distance towards softening your opinion of the wicked angel?

SERENITY: Oui. Once I had seen Liora loved her angel deeply, I cast aside my feelings and tried to view him with new eyes, and see the good in him that my cousin could. It was not easy, but he has fought hard for her, and I can see the love in him.

APOLLYON: *shrugs* I will admit that he has changed and that he has done many noble things for Liora, and he does love her. Although, I cannot understand why she loves him.

FELICITY: So, all is forgiven and you’re all going to get along going forward?

APOLLYON: *scowls again* I would not go that far.

FELICITY: I expected as much. Let’s talk a little about your romance now. Can you tell us about what happened to bring you together?

SERENITY: I was not happy. Life was not good. The man I had loved, he betrayed me with another woman. They say Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, do they not? It is true. I was angry, and wanted revenge on him. I hurt. Because of my pain, I used my powers for my own benefit. Never before had I done this. I had not realised what would happen... but I cannot say I am unhappy about it, because I met my angel and he has made me happy.

APOLLYON: *takes her hand and holds it* I heard someone calling me. It is difficult to explain what it feels like, but it is a sense that someone is speaking directly to my heart and compelling me. It was hard at first to discern the location of the call. I thought it was my master as only his voice was strong enough to call me from Hell. I took my chance to leave and made my way up to the mortal realm. When I reached the location of the call and discovered it was not my master but Serenity who had called me, I was surprised to say the least. A mortal should not have the ability to call an angel. I was curious and wanted to meet her and discover how she had called me. She saw straight through my glamour, the spell all angels cast to hide our wings and armour from mortal eyes and make us appear human. I knew then that she was different but I had not anticipated that she was a witch. Unfortunately, she knew of my reputation and fled. When I finally convinced her that I was not going to kill her and that I did not appreciate being called the angel of death since it was no longer my role, she confessed what she had been doing when I heard her call to me... and I realised that it was not her voice that had called me but rather that her heart had called to mine. I had felt her pain over the betrayal she had suffered at the hands of her ex-lover. Without caring about the consequences, I offered to serve her and give her the vengeance she needed in order to heal her heart. I wanted to crush him for what he had done to her.

FELICITY: Serious words from a very serious man. It must have been strange at first being around a witch considering that she can see through your glamour and see your black wings and armour. Did that cause problems between you?

APOLLYON: I believe it did at first. Serenity knew all about angels and had no problem accepting what I was in the sense of believing I was real, but she had difficulty accepting my growing feelings for her. As did I. The moment I met her, I felt as though she had cast a spell on me. I could think of only her. When we first touched and then danced, I knew I had to have her. My little French witch had entranced me. I would have done anything for her and anything to have her, and I was intent on proving that it was possible for me to love her and that we could be together.

FELICITY: A little like Liora entranced Asmodeus? You two aren’t so different after all… you both fell under the spell of a petite witch… and both of you were determined to prove you could be with them, and your love was real.

APOLLYON: *huffs*

SERENITY: *smiles* It is true even if he will not admit it.

FELICITY: Final question... you’ve been in the Her Angel series from the very start and huge events are in motion that could affect not only Heaven and Hell, but the fate of the mortal realm too. These events have brought together a rather motley crew of angels. What is it like working with them and do you think you can prevail?

APOLLYON: I believe we can. I have faith that we can. We are a strange group, as you have said, but when needed, we can all move past our differences and work together… and I believe such a time is coming for us. We have strength even in our small numbers, and we have some of the most powerful pawns in this game, but in the end, it may come down to the strength of one.

FELICITY: Nevar. He has a hard journey ahead of him, that’s for sure. Thank you for meeting with me today and chatting. Is there anything else that you’d like to add?

APOLLYON: Only my gratitude to those reading this interview with me and my love, and our hope that this has given them better insight into myself and my fellow angels.

SERENITY: Thank you for asking us these questions.

FELICITY: You can read Serenity and Apollyon’s novella, Her Dark Angel, for free right now at selected stores, and they also show up in other books in the series, including the newest novel, Her Wicked Angel.

I hope you enjoyed this interview with Apollyon and Serenity, and the insight into their romance story, Her Dark Angel and also Her Wicked Angel, and the Her Angel series.

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He will not let his wretched master have her. She will belong to him.

Liora is a witch with a bad reputation and an obsession with fighting demons. A mission gone wrong sees her sent to Paris to cool off, but when a dark and deadly warrior with a gaze of golden fire lands in her life, she ends up burning hotter than Hell for the wicked angel. Nothing will stand between her and the immense, forbidding male. Not her cousin. Not Asmodeus’s sworn enemy and twin, Apollyon. And certainly not the Devil.

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