Monday, October 21, 2013

Review: Any Witch Way by Dylan Newton

Title: Any Witch Way
Author: Dylan Newton
Source: Author Request in exchange for an honest review
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novella
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Reviewer: Cerridwen

Graduate student Lily Andrews resigned herself to a life of perpetual virginity. With her recent twisted appetites and weird fugues hospitalizing every would-be boyfriend, it's no wonder she uses her coursework as an excuse not to date.

Then, she meets a witch.

Joshua enters Lily's life to complete penance for a deadly spell cast centuries ago. Joshua must counter Lily's demon-wrought fugues with his own Wiccan magick, or lose her forever.

As the pivotal Wiccan holiday, Samhain, approaches, time is running out. Together, they must battle an ancient dark force, fighting for their lives and their new-found love...ANY WITCH WAY they can.

Lily has a huge problem with her libido.....she tends to black out into violent episodes should hers ever arise. Because of this she has given up on all things related to the male persuasion....until Joshua comes into her life.

Joshua is a special kind of witch that is hell bent on showing Lily that she is a weirdo~just cursed. And he is the key to helping her break that curse.

I was a fan of Newton's book Despite the Ghosts and  was just as pleased with Any Witch Way. I was very excited to read that she held was able to keep the truth in the craft while introducing Lily to it with a real world way of how some people take to the craft.

Avery well written novella and quick read. Lily is a real likable character yet Joshua seems to be stuck in time. There were moments when his dialogue came across old fashioned for me even for the storyline.

Because the story was good and had a few twists and it was a new type of take on the cursed damsel I gave it a

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  1. Very interesting take on a Wiccan paranormal romance.


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