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Review: Blaze Ignites By: J.L. Madore

Title: Blaze Ignites 
Author: J.L. Madore
Source: Review Request
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy Romance 
Reviewer: Emi 

**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**

BLAZE IGNITES blends strong, clever women and tough, sexy men in a fast paced, volatile cocktail of action, seduction and wicked humour.

"Destiny my ass." Jade Glaster refuses to believe the Fates rule her life. After a Scourge attack leaves her orphaned as a child, a young Jade vowes never to be powerless again. Now, grown and strong, wielding the affinities of fire and healing, Jade protects innocents as an enforcer for her world's elite policing agency—The Talon.

When an emissary mission to reinstate a race of exiled Elves brings Galan into her life, Jade finds herself overwhelmed by new passions, some welcome, some not. Although Galan's antiquated views on women offend her to her heated core, when the Scourge target his family, she helps him navigate the outside worlds he knows nothing about—the magical Realm of the Fair and, stranger still . . . the modern streets of Toronto.

Through their sensually charged pursuit of justice, Jade discovers that when dealing with the Fates—destiny is never random.

Jade is sent on a mission with her sister to acquire and safeguard a relic, and reinstate a race of Elves who have been exiled for over 8000 years. When she meets the three elves on the mission she is instantly and regretfully attracted to Galon, only regretfully because his mentality is ancient since he has been in an exiled community. Gallon however learns quickly that he needs to change with the times if he wishes to integrate properly in the new world and win Jade's heart.

I never really read too much fantasy but I really enjoyed Blaze Ignites, a little different from what I usually read but I'm glad I did. Blaze Ignites was an excellent story, very well written, and I loved all of the action and twists. I thought it was a great read and am looking forward to more of the story. 

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  1. Thanks for your support, Emi. I'm glad you enjoyed it. More to come for this gang of survivors. Ursa Unearthed- book 2- will be out before Christmas. Thanks again for taking the time.
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