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Guest post with Jacqueline Rhoades!

Jacqueline Rhoades stopped by today to give us the low-down on her newest book in the Guardians of the Race series; Guardian's Faith.
*I'm reading it, and loving it right now*

See what she has to say about finding redemption and love after living through hell.

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen"(Heb.11:1)

The above quote was the basis, the theme, if you will, of Guardian's Faith, my newly released paranormal romance. Faith was a difficult character for me to write. Unlike the others, she couldn't be made up out of the whole cloth of my imagination. She had a history and a tragic one at that.

Readers already had an image of her through reading Guardian's Hope and Guardian's Joy. They had a pretty good idea of what she'd suffered, both physically and emotionally. Like her family at Canaan's House of Guardians, readers wanted to keep her protected and sheltered. They wanted her to mate with the kind and understanding Broadbent. I confess, I wanted that, too. That was the plan from the very beginning, right up until the point where I began writing the book and Faith silently shouted, "NO!"

We are the sum of our experiences. Whether good or bad, the events of our lives, the people we meet, their perceptions of us, and even the places we live, all influence us in one way or another. Sometimes the combination of these things beat us so far down into the darkness we can no longer see the light or if we can, it's so distant we don't believe we can reach it.

That's where Faith was at the beginning of this book and if she stayed in Canaan's House with Broadbent, she would have remained safe within the confines of the prison she'd built for herself. She would have remained as the mouse in the corner, watching and listening to the life going on around her, but never being an integral part of it. Worse, Broadbent would have become her cell mate and not her lover. Neither Faith nor I could do that to him.

Faith can't really see that faint light in the distance, but she believes it's there and answers the 'call' to follow the road that may lead to it. Her hope is to find a purpose in her survival when so many others died.

This is, admittedly, a work of fiction and paranormal fiction at that, and is meant to be entertaining, but Faith's recovery process is based in reality. Even her muteness, though extreme, is based on a condition known as psychogenic aphonia or hysterical mutism.

Many victims of emotional or physical trauma take years to come to terms with the 'inhuman' treatment they've suffered and some, like Faith, find purpose and meaning while sharing in the 'healing' of others. She starts seeing herself as a survivor instead of victim.

In her new home, Faith finds her weaknesses turning into strengths. Her unique circumstances have given her an understanding of others she wouldn't otherwise have. Her quietness and unintimidating size have made her a good listener and easy to talk to. Her power of healing is needed in a place where medical treatment is unavailable.

Being a romance, Faith needed a hero and Lucien ad Toussaint, who'd been hovering around in the back of my mind for quite some time, seemed perfect. While physically stronger and healthier than Faith, Lucien is a victim of his past as well. He needs rescuing every bit as much as much as the starving little waif he finds stowed away in his van. He has devoted himself to duty, but has withdrawn from the personal connections that give purpose to that duty. Like Faith, he finds his redemption, his light, through love.

As Faith and Lucien each grow stronger through their love for each other, the events occurring around them become eerily reminiscent of their pasts, threatening their new found love and hope for the future. With a little help from things unseen, these two unlikely lovers must fight to change the course of fate not only for their own lives, but the lives of those they've grown to love.

Guardian's Faith is available now at
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For excerpts and news about The Guardians and Jacqueline's other series be sure to visit her website!

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