Thursday, November 7, 2013

Review: DARK GROVE PLANTATION (Dark Grove Plantation #1-3) by Julia Sykes

DARK GROVE PLANTATION (Dark Grove Plantation #1-3)
Source:  My Personal Stash
Genre:  Erotic Romance
Length:  Short Story Anthology
Reviewer:  Artemis

All three Dark Grove Plantation short stories - Awakened, Taken, and Broken - available in one collection! Three women fulfill their lusts and find love at Dark Grove Plantation, an opulent BDSM club located on the South Carolina coast. Follow the journeys of innocent submissive Holly, conflicted Domme Ella, and emotionally damaged Gwen as each woman finds that what she wants isn't necessarily what she needs. It just takes the right sexy Dominant to show her that.

Another book I picked up based solely on the cover. A hot little number of loosely connected stories about the shenanigans of a few people at the BDSM club, Dark Grove Plantation. These are short stories, mostly written in the first person, about the D/s dynamic, but they are not just "sex" stories. They are character and relationship driven within the confines of the D/s and BDSM lifestyles.

Because of the storylines, be prepared for very Dominant men, increased levels of kink (public play, whipping, bondage, name a few) and HEA's. Each of the Ladies travel their own unique path towards submission, and their Doms are "no-holds-barred" in getting them there. There were times those Doms were utter asshats, but still, they know what their "subs" need. My favorite story was TAKEN with Ella and Brandon.

Two things surprised me. One - no condoms were used. Never. No pause to grab one, tear the foil with his/her teeth and roll it on. Fine with me, I rolled with the story. Two - no page numbers. AGH!!! This drove me crazy. I made sure my bookmark was always in place.


  1. Sounds like a book I might like. I've picked up many books just because I liked the cover and some turned out to be really good.

    1. Mary, I'm not very good when it comes to picking up new authors and books just by their covers. But here lately I've been very lucky. I suppose that's due to the string of stinkers I had a short while ago.


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