Monday, December 16, 2013

Review: C791 by Eve Langlais

Title: C791 (Cyborgs: More Than Machines #1)
Author: Eve Langais
Genre: Science Fiction, Romance
Length: Novella
Reviewed by: Jasmyn
Rating: 4 - Really liked it. Don't pass it up.
Sexual: 3 - Sexy hot with details

Machines aren't supposed to feel, but this cyborg can't help falling in love.Assigned as a
specimen collector for a captured cyborg, Chloe is intrigued by the machine disguised as a man. Kidnapped during his daring escape, he shows her that despite the chip in his brain, his humanity is not completely lost.Formerly known as unit X109GI, Joe is on a quest to discover his origin. While he doesn't find the answers he's looking for, he does discover that affection and lust aren't just for humans. But when it comes to a battle between logic and love, which side will the cybernetic organism-once a man-choose?Evaluating his feelings will have to wait though because the military isn't done with Joe. But their threats against him pale in comparison before the shocking discovery of project C791, the revelation of which stuns the rebel cyborgs-and ignites a fury for vengeance..

My review:

I was one of those nerds that always thought Data from Star Trek was cute - I loved his struggle with emotions vs. logic, and Eve Langlais's cyborg series seems to hit that science fiction bug inside me just right.  That, combined with her snarky humor and amazing characters made this one close to a home run.  X109GI, Joe (hahaha...I just got that), is one of the first cyborgs to break free of his programming and rebel against the humans that controlled him.  He and his brothers are on a mission to find out more about how they are created and if they can create more like them.  Joe's struggle with the emotions and thoughts that he encounters along this journey are great.  His internal debates about what is logical and what isn't were well thought out.

On the other hand, I wish I could have seen more about Chloe earlier on.  I can't say too much about her here because there's a really big secret involving her.  Where Joe was very dynamic - especially considering he's part machine - Chloe didn't strike me as a very great character until almost the very end.  Other than being cute, I didn't quite see what Joe saw in her at first.

C791 was an amazing start to the series, and laid the groundwork for a lot more action and sexiness to come.  The world is very well written - especially for a novella where there isn't always a lot of time to develop the surroundings.  My inner sci-fi geek is feeling quite well treated after this one.

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