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Best of 2013: Color Her Red by Crystal L. Shaw

 photo suspense_zpsc50e7f9b.png Title: Color Her Red
Author: Crystal L. Shaw
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: Novel
Release Date: February 18th 2013
Reviewed by: Ollie

Rating - 5
Sexual - 4

Life can be cruel and wicked - for Emma Grant these words sound true. Her passive and trusting character is overshadowed by a seething mix of agony and rage as her perfect life and loving husband are viciously torn from her. News of a scandalous affair begins a horrifying, yet passionate, journey that will forever change Emma's life.
Right from the beginning at the Prologue up to the very the end, he story had me glued to the pages relishing the happenings between Thomas and Emma. There was definitely a thriller aspect to the story, but what really drew me to the story were the characters and the sweet tale of a kind-hearted, average girl who happened to catch the eye of a gorgeous multimillionaire and their love for each other which at times were put to extreme tests.

Right from the start the plot of the story is set from Thomas' POV with him reminiscing how he met Emma and his concern over how she will react to what he is going to tell her, unfortunately it becomes much bigger then he could have ever imagined. Not only does he have a ex-girlfriend who wants him back, but a woman who is unstable and capable of doing the unthinkable.

What happens next in the story and throughout is seen from Emma's POV as she deals with the news that her loving husband is having an affair and the length that the other woman will take to make him hers. Many times Emma's faith in herself, in her husband and in them were put to the test as circumstances made it seem that her life with her gorgeous husband was all a lie. Many scenes were heartbreaking as she was forced to confront her worst fears and to tried to find in herself the truth.

Even though Thomas was a player before he met Emma he really didn't have any negative qualities about himself which made him a very likable character (ok I loved him). He may have a slight dominant and commanding aura about himself, but nothing arrogant or rude about him. Thomas just happened to be an extremely good-looking man and women would through themselves at him (even with Emma by his side), but he only had eyes for Emma which melted my heart for him.

In between the tense moments with Thomas' ex causing havoc with their lives I really enjoy the flashback scenes as Emma would remember how they were when they first met and the tender moments between the two of them. It was during those scenes that really warmed my heart and made me fall more in love with these characters. It showed the true depth of their feelings for each other and at one point allowed Emma to lose some of the insecurities that she still felt. Thomas is one very romantic guy and definitely knows how to make the woman he loves feel special. The sexy scenes between them were steaming hot and the way Thomas worshiped Emma's body, all I can say is she is one lucky woman. :)

Now there very quite a few tearjerker moments, but there was one significant point in the book that was particular heartbreaking that my heart ached for them and I really cared what was going to happen to them. So be prepared with some tissues as you find at times your heart bleeding for both Thomas and Emma. Now the way the book ends it left me wanting more and to know what was going to happen next. Therefore, I am happy to say that there is a sequel in the works and I can't wait to read. Even though there were a few grammatical and structural errors, I have such a vivid imagination it did not deter me. I have a tendency to actually put myself in the story and see it as if I am standing on the side watching everything unfold so it did not hinder the flow too much. Now it may bother some people, but don't let it. This was a wonderful debut book from this author and based on her ability to try and capture the emotional intensity of scenes she is on a great start as an author.

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