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Best of 2013 - The Earl with the Dragon Tattoo by Teresa Wilde

 Title: The Earl with the Dragon Tattoo
Author: Teresa Wilde
Genre: Historical Paranormal Romance
Length: Novel (256pgs)
Reviewed by: CaroleDee

Rating- 5

Dark times have fallen over England. The war with France is taking its toll on the Calend, the hidden society of magic users devoted to keeping the country safe from magical and human threats.Maeve Llwyd has spent her life trying to escape her mother's scandalous reputation, teaching at a magical academy for young ladies, obeying every strict rule in the hopes of being accepted in the Calend world. When she receives a prophetic warning that a dark power is gathering the pieces of a weapon that has been lost for a thousand years to bring down never ending darkness on England, her every fear becomes reality—she is called on to sacrifice her reputation in order to gain the power she needs to fight, ensuring that she will lose her position at her beloved school and be rejected by the Calend. But nothing is more desperate than finding the ancient weapons before the enemy—a shadow druid who craves using them to bring England to its knees.

Constantine Armitage, Earl of Evengate, lives his life at the bottom of a bottle, punishing himself for the death of his cousin. But one dark night, he is thrown into Maeve's life. The lovely witch lives in a strange world of spells and threats, driven to protect those around her, even though they will never thank her for it, or even know. Though she resents his interference and rejects his aid, he wants nothing more than to help her, and if he kills himself in the process, so much the better...

Wow, what an absolutely fantastic read. You can always tell when I love a book because I'm at a loss for words. You would think it would be the other way around and I would be able to go on and on. It's just so hard when I liked something so much to try to get just the right words down! So, bare with me while I try to convey how much I loved The Earl With the Dragon Tattoo.

You get an entire magical world filled with witches, druids and other magical creatures right underneath, seemingly, normal London. The war in France has taken a lot of the witches away from the shores of England, but the safety of it's citizens still need to be upheld by someone. Leaving Maeve, the leader of a young coven of witches, to stop evil from trying to take over.

Maeve is a strong female character made that way from a less than pristine lineage. The daughter of a promiscuous actress she's made it her goal to never fill the sullied shoes her mother left behind. Unfortunately, to gain more power she's told she must make a sacrifice, and it's one that just might throw her in the shoes that she never wanted to wear.

Constantine is a complex character. Since the death of his uncle and cousin he's lived as a shell of a man. Helping Maeve in her goals give him a purpose, but he still struggles to make more of his life. What starts as a clandestine meeting in Vauxhall gardens quickly turns into a relationship, but a very complicated one.

Con and Maeve had me in a tailspin. One minute I would laugh about their mutual hard-headedness, and the next I just wanted to shake them and scream for them to just suck it and be happy together! And when two characters have me that invested, you know you have a winner ;)

For those of you looking for something more than a romance, know that The Earl also has a very action driven plot. The magic in this book is used, and not just as an interesting skill a few of the characters have. Just think of it as an Urban Fantasy set in Regency England, heavy on the romance. (Easy enough, right? LOL)

I sincerely hope that Teresa Wilde makes this into the series. There were so many characters that I grew curious about and I can't wait to find out what their future hold!

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  1. It's been a while since I read any sort of historical but this sounds interesting. A little bit more than just a historical and I like that. Thanks for the review.


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