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Review: Black Magic Rose (The Alliance #1) by: Jordan K Rose

Title: Black Magic Rose (The Alliance #1)
Author: Jordan K Rose 
Source: Review Request 
Genre: Paranormal Romance 
Reviewer: Emi 

Rating: 4
Sexual Rating: 3

**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review** 

Is it possible to reduce the amount of workplace violence in an organization run by vampires and werewolves? Sofia Engle, the new Employee Relations Manager at Cader House Hospital is about to find out, and she may not like the answer, or the series of firsts she experiences: first human employee at Cader House, first day tardy, first kiss with a dead guy. Well, maybe kissing the dead guy wasn't the worst of it after all.

For nearly 600 years Dragomir Petrescu has fought for The Alliance. As one of the most skilled warriors the Alliance has ever seen he's killed a lot of people and won many difficult battles. But his newest human adversary is turning out to be a worthier opponent than any he's met. Just the scent of her disarms him, never mind her endless policies and silly ideals about civility.

Can he possibly keep her safe from Alliance enemies, hospital employees and himself? The term Employee Relations is about to have a whole new meaning. 

This is definitely an exciting new series from Jordan K Rose!
First let me start by saying I love this cover, and the model is PERFECT for Dragomir, lol. I really enjoyed this book, as always you know I love me some action on the streets  and the in sheets, lol. Dragomir and Sofia start off a little rough.  Being in the supernatural world is pretty new to Sofia, so when she meets Dragomir and is hit with some unexpected feelings towards him, she reacts the only way she knows how, by turning her feelings around to try to dislike him. Though as we all know, that never works, lol but it always makes for a better "session" when it finally happens. ;) 
Sofia is the newly appointed Human Relations Manager at Cader House Hospital, though that position is a little difficult for her to handle, lol.  Dragomir is hired to be Sofia's bodyguard. since the impending war is getting closer and the human casualties are piling up, but that doesn't really make her happy since he is the  least likely person she wanted to guard her. She soon finds out that he is the best person for the job, not only outside of Cader but inside too. 
I loved Dragomir, not only for his Alpha role but he is  very honorable and loyal too. Sofia on the other hand sort of gets on my nerves a bit.  Female characters who always have to go through the drama before they finally realize that what other people are doing and saying are not only correct but  for their own benefit, usually annoy me, though it still made for an interesting and entertaining read, lol. Sofia eventually finds her balance in the supernatural world and at Cader House Hospital with her sexy bodyguard. ;) 

Black Magic Rose was such a great read, I'm definitely looking forward to reading this series.  

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