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Review: Drowning in a Dream (Blackwater #2) By: Lila Veen

Title: Drowning in a Dream 
Author: Lila Veen 
Source: Review Request 
Genre: Paranormal Romance 
Length: 259 pages Paperback  
Reviewer: Emi 

Rating: 4
Sexual Rating: 3 

**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**

Leah struggles with her emotions as her heart is torn in half by the two men who ignite her. As she battles her feelings for Theo and Ash, she searches for her father who may hold the answers to the history of the Coven.

Eleanor and Drew search for their kidnapped son in the heart of the Louisiana wilderness, while uncovering some family connections between Eleanor and Gabriel Locke.

Erika tries to cover her tracks after Ash reaches out to her for assistance. She is still heartbroken but her journey reveals that perhaps she doesn’t have to be for very long.

Olivia discovers there is a world waiting for her outside of Blackwater, and breaks out of her protective barrier to uncover it.

Follow the four women who were introduced in Book One of the Blackwater Saga, as they craft their way through the dangers that go hand in hand with being a part of the Coven.
Another Great read in the Blackwater Series! A few different scenarios going on but it doesn't get too crazy or overwhelming.  Leah travels to France to find her father and repair things with Ash, her friends and family are also going through their own dilemmas back in Blackwater. We also get a few more details about some of the other Lavanne family members as well. 
I'm glad that Olivia gets out of Normandy and is able to get some real life experience, though it turns out she has to go to France as well to save Theo, Leah, and Ash. 
I enjoyed Drowning in a Dream as much as Burning For You, its just as fast paced and filled with some crazy drama, lol. It did get a bit weird again with the whole Olivia and Theo relationship, it's never really spelled out what happens but just the mention of an incestuous relationship kind of creeps me out. 
But don't let that deter from the series, other than the Lavanne family drama lol,  its a great read. 

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