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Review: Mirage Beyond Flames by: Melinda De Ross

Title: Mirage Beyond Flames
Author: Melinda De Ross
Source: Review Request
Genre: Contemporary Romance with a hint of Paranormal  
Reviewer: Emi

Rating: 5
Sexual Rating: 1

**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**
Gerard Leon and Linda Coriola fight for the same cause. The French doctor and the Italian sculptress donate their time and money for HOPE – a clinic for children’s cancer research and treatment.
Here they meet and the magnetic attraction between them - combined with some haunting demons from her past – turns into a complicated, intense love story.
In search of a cure for cancer and armed with an innovative treatment themselves, they leave for Transylvania, that enigmatic land hidden in the heart of the Carpathians.
There they get lost and have a bizarre experience in the Hoia-Baciu forest, nicknamed The Romanian Bermuda Triangle due to all the inexplicable paranormal phenomena happening in its depths.
But no one believes them, because they don’t have any proof of said experience. Or do they?

Melinda De Ross is becoming one of my favorites. I love the way she writes, its so elegant and flows beautifully off the pages when I'm reading it, and I can totally picture everything she is writing. Like her first novel that I read Rendezvous with Hymera (you can find my review here).  Gerard & Linda are a human couple who go through a paranormal experience. Which I think is an excellent concept, its something we can imagine really happening, especially when it comes to ghosts or anything like that. 
Gerard & Linda meet at the clinic where he treats  cancer patients who are children, he's also discovered a treatment for a form of skin cancer and is still researching to find a cure. Linda is a sculptor who has recently moved to London, though she would always visit the center prior to her move, she's getting over a difficult divorce and doesn't give in too easily to the doctor. 
While still in the beginning if their relationship, they travel to Romania so Gerard can confer notes with another Doctor who is doing the same research. In their travels they get lost and come across a creepy forest and have a very strange experience with a woman, which can potentially change their view of paranormal phenomena. 
I thought this was an excellent read. This is probably going to sound creepy lol, but I feel like I connected with the author and the story . I'm not sure if its because of the Italian characters and references or her style of writing, but  I felt like I was home. When she describes Romania I felt like I was back in my little town near Naples going shopping with my mom or aunt, lol. And when she mentions the song Strani Amori by Laura Pausini, I definitely had some memories of my time in Italy, lol. 
So I finish with this question; Has this ever happened to you, as you were reading the book it was like you connected with the author as well as the story?  

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Strani Amori by Laura Pausini 

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