Friday, January 31, 2014

Review: Raven Moon by Eva Gordon

Title: Raven Moon (After the Bane #2)
Author: Eva Gordon
Source: Author Request
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novel
Release Date: December 27, 2013
Reviewed by: Jasmyn

Rating - 4
Sexual - 3

Can Rave stop a new zombie virus while fighting her attraction to an enemy werewolf?

In a world ravished by zombies, animal shifters vow to save human survivors and combat zombie hordes. Ravenna, princess of the northern raven conclave, joins forces with witch Dora Adler and the Fenrir werewolf pack. On a mission for a vaccine against Z-phage, Rave and her team fly to a remote biological research facility. They battle a new breed of zombie, faster and stronger than the human variety, and with an appetite for shifters.

Benandanti Templar Maddox seeks revenge against the Kindred leader who killed his team. He rescues a trapped woman, Ravenna destroyer of the Benandanti bloodstone. His wolf longs to claim and protect the sexy raven shifter. His Benandanti faith commands she stand trial.

While facing zombies, merciless tankers, and zealous Benandanti werewolves, Rave and Maddox struggle against their forbidden passion. They must set aside their conflicts and strike at the new zombie threat before the new virus spreads.
My review of Book One: Apocalyptic Moon

After the Bane is a series that will to appeal to just about anyone.  With an interesting mix of Zombie Apocalypse, hot Shifters, and some great romance - there's always something exciting happening.  Ravenna played a smaller part in the first book of the series, but she stole the show for the pages she was on.  She's a diva that also happens to be the alpha female of her raven murder - the princess that is set to take over the rule of the North American ravens.

Fate may have a different idea of what Rave will be doing.  When she falls not only for a werewolf, but an enemy werewolf that thinks she devil-spawned, she's pretty sure something is going to go wrong.  When they run into each other again afer a failed mission, Maddox has a hard time keeping his wolf from instantly marking her as his.

Their trip to accepting each other is full of strange supper ape zombie attacks, sex slave rings, and resistance from the shifters in their lives.  But with so much going go, they still need to try and find time to figure out their love for each other and what to do about it.

This was an amazing second edition to the series and I really really hope there's more to come.  With fantastically dynamic characters and a non-stop plot line (that doesn't skimp on the romance) it was nearly impossible to put down.  While this is the second in the series, you could probably read it by itself and only miss out on a little of the world and organization backgrounds.  I love the fact that Eva Gordon tackled the raven shifters - making a less glamourous bird into something truly exotic, exciting and sexy.

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