Friday, January 17, 2014

Review: Soulless by: Toni Hofman

Title: Soulless
Author: Toni Hofman 
Source: Review Request 
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense 
Length: 274 pages Paperback 
Reviewer: Emi

Rating: 4
Sexual Rating: 1

**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**

Fairfield Detective Alexis (Alex) Martinez is in pursuit of a killer so brutal, he holds an entire city in the grip of terror. His victims are picked at random; their torture and mutilation, unspeakable. As the body count rises, Alex's investigation puts her among the hunted-not by the serial, but by a much greater threat: a secret society with members embedded inside world governments, law enforcement and every walk of life. Their prime objective is to avert discovery, and when her investigation comes too close to revealing their existence, Alex becomes a target. The only one that can save her is the trained assassin they've sent to kill her; someone who has already infiltrated her heart and mind, and who may be the monster she's been chasing all along.

David Jason Sawyer is a predator with the face of an angel, his mind a weapon as equally formidable as his body, prince of a powerful hidden society believed to represent the next step in man's evolution: Family. Their physiology has evolved to consume bio-energy directly. They're stronger. They age at an incredibly decelerated rate. With their extraordinary ability to heal, they're close to invincible. And they feed on humans to survive.

Since childhood, Sawyer has been trained to manipulate and entrap on reflex, to put emotion second and Family first; yet one moment of weakness, sparing the very detective that hunts him, the woman he has grown to love, makes him a dangerous threat his people cannot tolerate.

Now, light must join forces with darkness as Alex and David struggle to stay one step ahead of an invisible army out to silence them both.
 What could be better than a Paranormal Who Dun It? 
I loved Soulless, I thought it was an excellent read and with a different spin in the paranormal world, where they survive from taking energy by touch, it makes it much more interesting.  I love reading a book that keeps me guessing, even when I have to put it down for a few minutes. Detective Martinez is an amazing character, a strong and honorable woman who seeks justice for those who have been victimized. And David, I felt bad for him, his character seems like such a gentle soul but its like he's forced to live in this crazy Family. 
As Alex is on the hunt for a psycho serial killer, she runs into David at more than one crime scene, which in turn makes him her number one suspect. While the investigation  progresses there are more murders and it looks like all roads lead to David, but Alex can't seem to find anything concrete on him, or maybe she just didn't want to. ;) She finds herself in some trouble when the investigation starts to interfere with the Family and may lead to their "premature discovery", so she finds she needs to put her trust in David to get out of this mess alive. 
I thoroughly enjoyed Soulless, it was a great page turner. I always thought I knew who it was going to be, but in the end when I found out, I was like WHAT!!?? I couldn't believe it, I would have never guessed it, it was totally awesome! I loved it and if there is a next one I'm definitely going to be reading it. 

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