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Cover Reveal: Point of No Return by Tara Fox Hall

Title: Point of No Return (Promise Me Series #7)
Author: Tara Fox Hall
Publication Date: February 2014
Publisher (Indie): Melange Books

When Sarelle discovers Theo's love for Tasha is not all it seems, she breaks the spell, even as she fears the consequences. Dreaming with Theo again awakens old feelings, even as Devlin’s possessiveness increases when Sar is discovered to be pregnant. Influenced by her blood bond to Devlin and Danial, and her magical bond with Theo, Sar is determined to make the relationship with her lovers work. But can Sar trust her heart fully, much less her own desires?

Excerpt from Point of No Return:
Lash stood there waiting in the doorway, his eyes as flat as ever, his forked tongue flicking angrily.  He was dressed warmly all in black, save for a blood red scarf at his neck.

"What do you want?" Theo said gruffly.

"Sarelle," Lash hissed angrily, drawing out my name in a long sinuous sound.  "Devlin wants her at Hayden."

"I'm here," I said, trying to slide past Theo.  "I'm ready."

Theo blocked me, eyeing me frostily.  "No one said anything to me about it," he said stonily.

"No one need tell you anything, Cat," Lash hissed.  "You have no say."

"I have a say in Danial's property," Theo growled.  "I need to check with Danial before I let her leave."

"Then go check," Lash said baring his fangs.  "I'll wait inside."

"You'll wait outside," Theo said, and slammed the door in his face.

"Theo, he's right -"

Theo grabbed a hold of my arm and hauled me into Danial's bedroom door.  "Danial" Theo said, pounding on the door loudly.  "Lash is here.  He said he's here for Sar."

Danial came to the door dressed.  "Theo, it's okay," he said calmly.  "It was good of you to check, but I knew Sar was headed to Hayden tonight.  Let her leave."

"You're just going to let her go to him?" Theo said, his tone dagger-filled.  "I can smell that you were just together."

Danial gave him a slow smile of gratification.  "Devlin has rights to Sar now, just as I do, whether you like it or not.  She'll often leave one of us to go to the other, something that doesn't invoke my jealousy, as it's given under our Oath.  Reconcile yourself to this situation, or leave my employ."

"As soon as the ranking's settled, I probably will," Theo replied curtly.  "And I'll be taking Elle with me."

Danial's eyes flashed red.  "We've been over this.  If you want to leave with your woman, you're free to go.  But Elle is staying here."

"Then stop the digs," Theo shot back.  "None of us planned how this all worked out.  Elle is my daughter.  If you want her to stay here, then we need to work together."  He glanced over at me, then back to Danial.  "I don't want to see anyone hurt."

"He isn't going to hurt her," Danial said patiently.  "He loves her."

"Devlin loves nothing but himself, and you now it," Theo growled.

Danial gave me a gentle kiss.  "Have a good time.  Call tomorrow from Dev's, and tell me when I can expect you to return.  If it's a few days or more, that's no problem.  I'm neck deep in cases."

"I will," I said uneasily.

Danial nodded, then went back into his bedroom.

"You must have worn him out," Theo said sarcastically.  "He's right about his work -"

I tried to push past him.  He blocked me.

"Let me past, Theo."

"Sar, don't do this," Theo said, grabbling my arm.  "He'll hurt you without Danial there to mediate -"

"I've been alone with him before," I said meaningfully.  "He didn't do anything to me I didn't want.

"Didn't he?"  Theo said just as meaningfully.  "Give him time.  He will."

"It's really not your business anymore, is it?"  I said mockingly.  "Why does it matter to you, anyway?"

The door suddenly banged open.  Lash glared at the both of us with his flat eyes as he walked in.

"You brok the lock," Theo bitched.

Lash threw some money on the floor.  "We are late already, Sarelle," he hissed.  "Get moving. Now."

Everything happened at once.  I went to move past Theo, he put out his hand to stop me, and something slid through the air with a sharp crack.  Theo went rigid, grabbing at his neck, choking, his eyes bulging, the end of Lash's whip tight around his throat.

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