Wednesday, February 26, 2014

When your in a reading slump..bump....wall....

So recently I have been in a reading rutt. Well I call it a hole really. I begin a novel all excited and then stop about a quarter of the way through it because it will fall into one of four categories : Been there done that; Too slow; my mind can't calm down enough to read you; or I don't have time. I seriously have 7 books started...none half way done. OK...that was too generous. The majority not past the first chapter really. See I can't even finish that measurement , HAHA.

I’m sure there is great stuff out there. I've checked out books and bought books I’m excited to get into too. I get home, get curled up, open mind begins to wander to work and my personal situation. I can't even get into my favorite author!! She's had two new books come out and I haven't bought them.

 Working at the local library helps with this issue a bit.  I run into people all the time that read from different genres. I handle books that I would never pick up on my own to check out for others. So I asked a couple of  co workers that have completely different taste than I do what they would suggest. Both being guys, they  steered me to graphic novels and manga section.

At first I balked at the idea. I mean, I love super heroes, who doesn't? Wonder Woman was a child hood hero of mine growing up.  I also knew that a lot of the novels I've read have been made into graphic novels as well.  But really...??!! I was not into the whole "draw me a picture cause I'd rather see it than imagine it" thing. But, me being willing to try anything once ( including eating snails. But that's a different blog post) smiled and I asked the guys to load me up. And they did most happily. It was a geek fantasy.  I stood in the aisle while the two of them loaded me up with graphic geek delight saying things like “ooo! This was good!” or “OH No! She needs to start with this one!” Then I would step back while they hashed out the reasons why one version was better than another of what I considered a cartoon.

So, the next review posts I can get out will be of these. I hope to offer you a new genre to try out and offer myself a a break in my busy and messed up personal life at this time. Happy reading!

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